Janathon day 23 -Wassail!! 


Well that is what I did yesterday! 

Mythago led another wassail this time in Steyning Community Orchard. The traditional waking up of the trees and scaring off of evil spirits took place last night in order to attempt to ensure a bumper Apple crop this coming year!

Well it can’t hurt can it 😀 

And it was a lot of fun! 

(Photo credits here tonsteyning community orchard, these are from their Facebook page 😀 )

We place toast soaked in cider in the branches of the trees so that the evil spirits stick to them and are carried far away by birds!

And of course there was dancing 🙂 

Of course there was dancing…this was a Mythago event dancing is what we do!

There were also very fetching blue overshoes to stop us tracking mud inside after the event 😀

Janathon day 23 done 

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