Janathon day 26

The day I want to 2 different gyms but didn’t do much in either of them…

First I went to the new gym I am trying out and spoke to one of their trainers about having some training. I am still in search of a way to break my plateau that I will be able to sustain… Fingers crossed this will work 🙂

This is the gym 


It is much less scary than the other two new strength training gyms I have tried, despite the fact that is is on an industrial estate 🙂

The second trip to the gym started well with a warm up and some squats and split squats but then I inadvertently nearly broke my husbands toe by making him do a split squat and his foot fell off the bench and slammed into the floor…

This put paid to the second gym trip…

However I did do something which is better than nothing 🙂

Janathon day 26 done 

10 thoughts on “Janathon day 26

      1. Hehe that is true…
        Although “look I bruised my toe” is not as manly as “I accidentally set myself on fire” (his he escaped quite lightly) or “I threw myself down a mountain and broke my leg” (mine also got off quite lightly) 🙂

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