Janathon day 31

Last day of January, last day of janathon but of course it isn’t the last day of exercise 🙂

I just may not tell you about it every day!

It was Sunday, so of course Pilates happened 🙂

I was a participant today, not the teacher 🙂

Tomorrow, I will make a no plan for February and beyond 🙂

Janathon 2016 done 

8 thoughts on “Janathon day 31

    1. He is a dude 🙂 I did that move, I am fairly sure I did not look that cool!
      Pilates is cold…super socks are very necessary! These ones came in a set with the other ones 🙂


      1. They sound fantastic! My brother got me a pair for Christmas with random bears on them – a teddy bear, a polar bear, a mean-looking brown bear and boss-eyed pandas. They are my current favourites simply for their surreal factor!

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