February, time for some balance…

As I have mentioned in recent posts, I have had a dodgy quad on my right leg, and it has been brought to my attention that my general flexibility has gone down hill!

So, I have been concentrating on being less crazy and attempting to bit fix my leg. At least I have this week…so far I have walked every day but done no other exercise (until tonight when I went dancing) and believe it or not, my leg is feeling a lot better already! 

These are my photos from this weeks walks 🙂

I have also decided to add yoga in to my exercise regime regularly in February. I shall reevaluate this at the end of Feb and see how I am doing! After all I have found a yoga you tube channel presented by a teacher that I don’t hate so that is quite promising!!

The lack of crazy may not last, but fingers crossed the yoga will 🙂

(OK…the lack of crazy is already fading…there was a lot of dancing and I have a 6:30 am PT session in the morning…but I have been trying!!) 

16 thoughts on “February, time for some balance…

  1. Excellent news about the leg, it must be a bugger not being able to do the things you want to do. But more importantly – look at the lovely boots and hats!! I know I am oh so shallow but… Look. At. Them. You are the finest attired lady in the land, I say.

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    1. The good news is, that even with dancing last night, my quad doesn’t hurt!!
      but more importantly indeed…I am so glad you like the boots and hats…you are clearly a woman of excellent taste 😀 😀


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