An unusual thing has happened

I find myself in a slightly strange state of being…

A state in which I have slept well for the last few nights…

I wouldn’t go so far as to say I am getting enough sleep according to recommendations, but the 5-7 hrs sleep I am getting is constant deep sleep. Well not all of it, but an appropriately sensible proportion to fit with what I have read about sleep cycles!

yes it is!!

I am finding that I don’t have to fight top stay awake during the day. I am finding that I am actually cheerful, so cheerful in fact that people are commenting! I wasn’t aware of how grumpy I was when sleeping badly until people mentioned the new found cheer!

I am finding that while I am still drinking 5 or so cups of coffee a day, these are making me feel lively rather than just barely human!

I am not saying I am not tired at all these days, I am quite tired today, I got up at 5:45, so that is understandable! I am simply saying that I am not feeling so tired that I don’t know how I will make it through the day!

I am not so mind-numbingly tired that I can barely lift the kettle. Not so crazily worn out that I threaten to kill people who get between me and my coffee! (yes really!!)

I am resisting snacking easier, and not having to justify replacing energy with sugar :-/

There is an outside chance that all of these internet infographics that tell me sleep is a good thing are not lying!

The really strange thing is…i don’t really know why I am sleeping better :-/

I am having more coffee, and more coffee particularly in the afternoon, so it isn’t caffeine related, unless I react in the opposite way to caffeine than most people…

the only other thing I can think of is that I have been making a conscious effort to stop my calves (mostly and the rest of my legs a bit) being so ridiculously tight that moving them hurts. I have been using an overnight foot brace thing that is supposed to fix plantar faciitis Β to stop them cramping up over night. There is a chance that this is helping regulate my restless legs and it may be helping!

What ever the reason, I am happy that it is working! And all I can say is…

believe the hype…get more sleep, it really seems to help!


22 thoughts on “An unusual thing has happened

      1. Thanks for sharing, but that was too much!

        8 hours 9 minutes according to my band, and so deep I woke up nearly an hour after my alarm had gone off.

        The band still rates the sleep quality as low πŸ™‚

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      2. ahh sorry about that…I only got 6 hours so I guess you got my extra πŸ˜‰
        I try not to look at the band’s assessment of my sleep until I have decided how I feel.
        It usually ties up reasonably…


      3. The first band used to give sleep ratings that generally corresponded to how refreshed I felt the following morning. Since I got a warranty replacement in October, every single night is rated as low quality.

        The odd thing is that the band is just a data collection device, which manages to record everything else accurately. The software which performs the analysis hasn’t changed.

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  1. ohhhh man i was hoping this post was going to also say why. it appears that the glaring area in need of balance in my life is sleep. I need more time in the morning and I need to structure my day in a way that I don’t have to stay up late to do all the things I want to do in the day. Committing to sleeping for 8 hours every night would give me a lot of benefits, but it’s the habit I’m most afraid to commit to. Maybe if I hold out long enough, it will just magically happen for me like it did you πŸ˜‰

    Glad you’re having an easier time getting through your day!

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    1. I really really wish I could pinpoint the reason!
      The most likely one is having less tight legs. Restless legs is technically a sleep disorder and even though I wasn’t aware of it, I suspect that is what has been stopping me sleeping well. So stopping them being so tight is probably helping!
      8 hrs every night is impossible to commit to! What happened if you are late one evening due to unforeseen circumstances, do you then have to be late for work?
      I still only get average of 6 hours they are just better hours!
      If I come up with any more reasons I will let you know!!


    1. but I only started sleeping better since I started having the afternoon caffeine…what if it is that!!

      also, my friend suggested I give up caffeine for lent to prove a point… I am mid indecision and the thought if it is worrying me so much that I think I maybe should 😦


      1. Well, if you ever do come over to join me for a round at fat camp – one of the things you’ll have to deal with is zero caffeine. The first 2-3 days, the headaches are AWFUL. Makes me kick myself that I hadn’t detoxed off coffee BEFORE subjecting myself to that withdrawal WHILE exercising 6+ hours per day. Bad combination.

        and p.s. It couldn’t possibly be the leg braces that are helping you sleep more and not the afternoon caffeine, could it? πŸ˜‰

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      2. oh god!! the thought if giving up coffee has worried me so much I have more or less had double rations today!!

        It *could* be the leg brace…
        (after all restless legs is a sleep disorder…)

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      3. yep. maybe – rather than cutting off coffee cold turkey – just try reducing by one cup each day until you are weened off gently? Then you can fully assess how much is leg brace versus extra coffee. πŸ™‚

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