February Challenge…

Yes, I know it is past the middle of February, but who says I have to start things at the beginning of months :-p it will be partly a March challenge too!! πŸ˜€

A couple of posts ago I told you I was going to incorporate more yoga into my exercise endeavours, and since I said that I have done practically no yoga because time got away from me. However that is going to change. Even my calendar is telling me that yoga is the thing for bears in February…

feb bear yoga
this is genuinely my calendar for this month!

Even my calendar is trying to tell me I should become more flexible!

So yesterday I looked at my new favourite yoga you tube channel

Yoga with AdrieneΒ 

and in the process of browsing, I discovered a series she did last year called 30 Days of Yoga.

Now, it didn’t take me long to realise what would be involved in this…

yes, you got it too…yoga, every day for 30 days! So, I thought,. well what harm could it do, and you never know, int 30 days I might actually see an improvement and want to carry on! It might be just the thing to start to flexible up my inflexible bits!!

presumably it will take longer than 30 days…but it is a start!!

30 days
I did day 1…it seemed logical…

So once I had decided to do the whole 30 days, there was no point in waiting, so I started then and there with day 1.

Starting with any other day seemed silly…

Yeay 30 days of yoga…lets go…

Ok…pose one…sit in a position which is a bit like cross legged but with one foot in front of the other…easy right…


apparently this is not possible if you have my legs :-/
apparently this is not possible if you have my legs :-/

oh…ok…apparently not!

Apparently this hurts many parts of my legs and ankles! This in its self is an indication that I need this yoga! Quite a lot of the first part of the video (apparently it is called practice) was in this position, I was not a comfortable bear!!

Oh well, there is no point in challenging yourself to do something you are already good at!!

I will keep you updated on my progress (I really hope there will be progress…) and if you want to join in go here and have a look:

30 days of yoga with Adriene πŸ˜€


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