Throwback tuesday: Dear Running…

Throwback tuesday!!
Ok…I know that isn’t a thing but it is a thing today!!

This was a year ago today…can you believe it!!

I am still a little bit cross with running for this…but it isn’t really running’s fault and I am slowly getting back into it!

Project Warrior Goddess

Dear Running,

I think we should take a break…

We have had our good times, but recently not so much…and after Sunday I think I have reached my limit!

I may be willing to flirt with you in the future…but it will never be a serious thing!

I composed this in my head, many many times over on Sunday as I tried to find ways to get myself to the finish the dreaded half marathon without flagging down a passing cyclist and demanding a lift! Actually the one I composed had many more rude words and absolutes in it than this one, but I have calmed down now!

I didn’t do that by the way…I made it…all the way to the end…under my own power and everything 😀

And to prove it is true…I got one of these!!

look at my massive medal look at my massive medal

It is a massive medal! And you…

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20 thoughts on “Throwback tuesday: Dear Running…

  1. Yay giant medal! Yay to beers! But definitely not yay to running, you crazy girl. Throwback Tuesday is now officially a thing and anyone who says different is going to get duffed on the nose! Now – have those pink DMs arrived yet?!

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    1. it was crazy!! I have literally no idea how I got to the end!!
      they sadly have not arrived yet, come on ebay person it has been a whole day!!
      you will be the first to know when they do though!!


      1. I know!! Why is it I am nearly 40 and I have never heard of this wonder!!
        I suggest Gin and tonic cake accompanied by gin and tonic as a celebration after you have finished the book…
        (that is my sensible head speaking…it doesn’t come out very often!)


      2. Very sensible indeed – and I concur. Otherwise large parts of the book are going to be nonsense and probably not the good kind of nonsense. There might be an unrelated rant thrown in just for good measure. Works well with blogs, not so much with books! But once it’s done… bring it on!!

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      3. indeed, unrelated ranty nonsense or at least tenuously linked ranty nonsense forms a large part of my blog…
        although i admit is seems more coherent than I think when I return to it, I may just be lucky and a coherent ranter…

        no I can’t see this having a place in a book! which is one of the reasons I have not written one…
        that and not really having an idea for what to write about…or being that good at putting together a plot, or characters or endings, or beginnings…

        come to think of it, ranting is probably my best bet!!

        it is a good thing you are the one writing a book really!!


  2. I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO far behind in blog reading. Sorry, I suck. 😦

    Guess what else I’m behind at doing?……………………………
    yep, I’m still at square one (nay, zero) of looking into the packages for Machu Picchu tours. I swear I will soon. My travel schedule has been STUPID lately (as you likely see on FB). I’m hoping for some work life balance by mid-April. Hope all is well with your 30 days of awesome project! I’m at day 13 of yoga. Those twisty arms messed with my head.

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    1. I am sooo far behind in writing things too!! I have 2 started posts from January to finish!!
      My 30days of awesome got derailed a little by 5 days of pleurisy… the same thing can be said for the 30 days of yoga…although I am going to start back up this evening and do the last 5 days of yoga!
      yes…that twisty arms thing is disturbing!! and what is worrying is I used to be able to do that and interlock my fingers and all sorts…I used to be so bendy!!

      oooh I am excited about Machu Picchu even though the plan is still at step zero and not definite yet!!

      I looked at the inc trail, I am going to have to put in some serious hill climbing training…but still it looks amazing!!!

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      1. Oh I am sure! I used to run/jog a lot when I was in basic training and I hated it with a passion. Now I like to jog because it helps calm my mind….well, that was until my doctor said I need to cut that out 😦 so now I walk. Still there is no greater feeling than getting that finisher medal!

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