New Years Resolutions!

Yes, I can totally make new years resolutions in April!!

Technically every day can be the start of a years worth of time, but that is not why I am choosing now.

I am making new years resolutions at the start of my own personal new year. My 41st year, the year in which my age is 40…

In case you hadn’t guessed, my 40th Birthday was recent…Saturday just passed to be exact. And it was blooming awesome!! if the rest of 40 lives up to the start of 40 then it is going to be a good age! It was so awesome because I got to feed bears!

this was where I met them…click on the picture to read about the bears!!

Yes…bears! and I fed them!! I wandered around in their enclosure (which is massive) and hid their breakfast in lots of different places so they can forage for it. At the same time i was doing this Mark was spreading jam on stuff so they can find it…yes, bears like jam…and marmalade too which is one of the most awesome things I have ever heard!!

Once we had done this we got to meet the bears and feed them peanuts!! they were behind a fence, but they came right up and took peanuts out of our hands!! Yes…massive brown bears taking peanuts out of my hand…they were so gentle!!! It was awesome!!!

I am still really over excited about it now!! (in case you can’t tell…the number of exclamation marks should give it away really…)

The whole experience of turning 40 has not really worried me and the bears made it so awesome that I forgot that I was supposed to be an adult now…

awesome timeHowever, it is a milestone and I decided to mark it by making some changes and getting back to some things I had forgotten about! I also decided that the only way to make the whole year of 40 as awesome as the first day of 40 was to take action and do things!!!

So this is what I am going to do this year:

  • Restart my 365 exercise project.
    Project “fit  enough to dance in a mask” worked fantastically well and i have slacked off recently, so I am now restarting the project and re naming it “project fit enough to continue dancing in a mask”
    I will here and now commit to 30 mins of exercise  / activity every day from my 40th birthday (16th April 2016) to my 41st birthday (16th April 2017…in case that wasn’t obvious) today is day 7 and it is looking good so far…
  • I will blog about it to keep myself accountable at least twice a week. This has the dual effect of keeping me accountable and making me find interesting exercises to do and new things to try so that I don’t write a really dull blog!
  • I am going to incorporate Yoga into my exercise regime as I learned during my 30 days of yoga that it is really beneficial and I actually enjoy it, who’d have thought it!!
  • I am going to lift more heavy stuff…because I love it and it is awesome
  • I am going to do something creative every week. I love doing creative things and have missed them recently so I am going to make more of an effort to do stuff even if it is only small stuff! I will write about it on my other blog, “Sam’s Art Journal” I may even post the links on here so you can see what else I get up to 🙂

and that is it for now 🙂 You know me I am fairly sure there will be challenges and some love/hate running musings along the way, but I am not putting to many restrictions on right now!

And just in case you have forgotten…

bears are awesome!!



4 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions!

  1. The bear experience sounds truly awesome! I’m so happy for you!

    Love that you are also restarting your 365 day project! I’m waiting for my 3 day hiking adventure next month as another kick start for myself. This crazy travel schedule has derailed me AGAIN!

    I also need to get details on the Inca Trail to you so we can see if it’s something that works for us!

    Glad you had an awesome bday! xoxo

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    1. The bear experience was so awesome 😀 they took peanuts out of my hand!!! In case I didn’t mention that 😉
      It is so easy to get derailed by life, and all the travel you are doing must make it really hard!!
      I found myself using the “no time” excuse when all I really needed to do was reorganise myself! Mind you I am not travelling constantly!!
      Oooh yes! I am saving both holiday and money for this, although I might actually die going up those mountains!! It will be worth it though 🙂 xxx

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      1. I’m usually pretty good about doing some exercise when I’m away but my calendar has been unmanageable lately. Work is bananas. Meetings all day then catching up on email/work at night, all while flying from city to city and living in a hotel room. Sorry I’m whinging but I’m feeling a little beat down at the moment.

        I’m hoping my trip to Vegas week after next will help me recalibrate. I’ll be there all of May, including that awesome hiking trip. I just need to get thru one more biz trip first: off to Vancouver Monday evening and back to Toronto Friday. :-S

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      2. whinging s fine! it sounds awful! it doesn’t sound like you have time to breathe let alone exercise!!
        I am sure your hiking trip will help, you need to get back to some mountains!!

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