My Bouncy Adventure…

It occurs to me that over two months has passed by and I have not yet told you about my experiences in london with great big springs on my feet.

yes, that is right..springs on my feet.

This was an exercise class, which involved wearing springy boots and bouncing around…these boots to be exact:

Slightly hard to photograph them on your own feet but you get the idea…

I know what you are thinking: “that is just an accident waiting to happen” yes, that was pretty much my first thought too… But it turned out less perilous than you might think…

The first challenge was putting them in and standing up…you are not sure where your centre of balance is going to be so it is good to have a wall handy for this procedure! Once I was up it took a remarkably short amount of time to get used to them. In no time at all we were striding around the changing room feeling so proud of ourselves for remaining upright!! The came the time when we had to venture out into the gym and make our way to the studio for the actual class…

This meant walking through the very busy gym…and up two steps…them at soon reminded us that these things were crazy falling over boots!!

Terrifying steps, and gym full of curious people negotiated we found ourselves in an exercise studio with a nice and enthusiastic teacher, she took us through the basic moves which included bouncing, bouncing taking legs in and out, bouncing from foot to foot and bouncing in different directions…

There was a lot of bouncing…

That was pretty much the whole class…Bouncing…as you might expect really!

The moves and coreography were akin to a cross between 1980s aerobics crossed with Zumba…which sounds awful… But it was all made a whole lot better by the bouncing and the springy feet!!

It was quite correographed which is ok, but it takes a few goes to get the patterns. However, if you get lost just keep bouncing!! 😀

I have to say it was a lot of fun, and I would probably go to another class or two if it wasn’t in that London at a time which meant I had to take half a days holiday to get to it!! If it was closer then it would stand a chance…it was fun and a pretty good workout 😀

Here is me at the end of the class being all selfie-y the woman in pink is the instructor, she was lovely!

By Sam Catchpole

She/They | Aspiring Strongperson, Photographer, Artist, Writer,


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