A mountainous adventure!

I haven’t come up with a plan yet, so I thought I would tell you about some of the things I actually have been doing over the past couple of months… there will be tales of daring and dancing and shenanigans!

First mountains, and daring…

Not so far in the dim and distant past I went to North Wales, for those of you who don’t know this is one of the more mountainous regions of the UK…we do have those here, they are little ones compared to some countries, but they still feel pretty big and mountain-y when you are walking up them!

SMC One Big Adventure 2014 Cover 196 x 280
even the advertising fits in with my mountainous adventure theme! 

We were after an adventure, so we decided that we would go and see mountains with the goal of going for at least one walk every day… no more pressure than that, we didn’t have to climb every mountain (thankfully or there may have been a terrible song involved). We weren’t out to conquer the whole of snowdonia in one hit.

We were just out to have fun and walk and see mountains. I can well and truly say we managed it! I know that is skipping to the end but  I am telling you any way!

We hired a self catering cottage on the recommendation of Dan and Martin, good friends of ours who you will have seen around this blog before…they look like this…

dan martin
even the advertising fits in with my mountainous adventure theme!

The cottage was lovely, and within walking distance of one of the routes up onto Snowdon its self. So seemed a perfect base for the walking adventure we had planned!

The first mountain walk we tackled was a scramble up the north ridge of Tryfan. Yes, mostly a scramble, not really a walk at all…

Rocky, stereotypically mountainous, steep, unclimbable, beyond my ability, terrifying, certain death in the form of plummeting… these are all things that occurred to me about Tryfan as we drove towards it on a lovely sunny mid morning! There was an outside chance I was being a little irrational about the whole thing… but don’t forget it is 5 years since i climbed a mountain…and on that occasion, the mountain won!

In case you haven’t heard the story, I fell off…and ended up with a broken leg and a trip on a stretcher and in an ambulance… the full story is here:

Day 237: Dizzy new heights

So despite a large amount of self doubt, we set off up the path to the top…it started out as a path at least then became a navigational challenge across many different layers of fallen and piled up rocks…

even the advertising fits in with my mountainous adventure theme!

Durign the first 10 minutes of the climb I literally thought I was going to die…I thought it was too hard, and that i wasn’t fit enough and I was without a doubt going to fall to my death, or watch mark fall to his.

the first 10 mins was actually a walk by the way so I may have over reacted a tiny little bit…

another 10 mins after that, i started to enjoy myself!! the walk became a scramble and involved in places hands feet and knees but quite frankly I loved it and would go and do again and again!! I wasn’t incapacitated by fear, I wasn’t too much of a lump to climb, I was actually not bad at making my way up a mountain (not quick either, but not bad!!)

It is unfortunate that due to the peculiar nature of the weather in north wales the rain started to arrive when we were about 3/4 of the way up and we decided to call it and go back down. We decided we didn’t want to be facing the summit of an unknown mountain in the cloud and rain… so we scrambled down again…which is harder than going up, especially if you are short. I am short and many of the big steps from my husband, definitely involved my bum hitting the rocks… but never mind 😀 I still loved every minute of it…and remembered on that day that I REALLY love mountains!!!

As you can see, the tops of the mountains all around were starting to disappear!

As the four days progressed we managed to get out for a walk every day, we went half way up Snowdon twice and around some lakes, we also took a small detour after a wrong turning on Snowdon and went half way up the wrong mountain! One day we even took a break from going up things and went the other way…we went down inside a mountain in the guise of a copper mine 😀

I am going to leave you with some more pictures of all the fun!!

As  you can see, we had variable weather, which is why we only made it half way up some mountains…

I also remembered that I have intrepid explorer feet…and I should use them more!! Here they are:

19 thoughts on “A mountainous adventure!

  1. This is EPIC! Those mountains look pretty amazing 😀 Did you scared being so high up? I was up a mountain in Scotland recently and my legs went wobbly. But then you are super brave! Also – that chap has a super beard, what a fabulous fellow. I have no doubt that the new challenge will reveal itself imminently!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are amazing mountains! I loved them!!
      It was such good fun!!
      After falling off a mountain and breaking my leg I was fully expecting to be terrified, but I was t most of the time…
      Except occasionally on the way down when I decided that small smooth rocks were trying to kill me!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Smooth and slightly damp O_O
        I have decided to turn lots of things I to adventures 😀
        No mountain is going to beat me again…

        I am all full of bravado this far away from them!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That’s the spirit! One can never have too many adventures, I say 🙂 Bravado is still relevant, even away from the vicious things. I am the same with nuns – all brave and fierce, but if one comes anywhere near me… eeeek! What if there was a nun up a mountain?! Ooh! 😮

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Eeek!!
        Although I don’t think a nun could get up a mountain…they are too glidey for mountains…
        Their hooves would be no good to them on the smooth dampish rocks!!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Good point!! Perhaps I should move to a mountain, just to be on the safe side. If one turns up, we can throw it off. I might build an anti-nun moat, just to make sure. Mountain nuns would be terrifying.

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  2. The pictures are awesome, and I’m so glad I learned (months ago when you actually were in the mountains!) that you remembered you loved the mountains! Now we can plan mountain-y adventures together, since the mountains own my heart! (Much as I complain with each and every step on the mountains…)

    You may have inspired me to write about my climbing adventures in May during my holiday. It’s only been 3 months, after all. :-/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was so pleased too! I was worried that I was going to be scared on them!

      I also decided that I much prefer the scrambley approach with hands and feet rather than the long plods up endless switch backs…
      but I loved them! I pretty much never wanted to leave them! I went as far as trying to figure out if I could buy property there so I could run holiday lets and just spend days walking on mountains!!
      Yes!! we can definitely plan joint mountain-y adventures! I think they may own my heart too! (and yes, I complain too…mainly on the way down!)
      hehehe I am in no position to comment…my mountain adventure was also 3 months ago 😉

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