Media manipulation of the masses

This is far to big and vague a subject for jut one blog post…

so what I really mean is:

Media manipulation of the truth in order to sell health and fitness programs / supplements / accessories etc…

Which I also admit is a massive subject and I can’t hope to cover at once!

everyone by now has seen the endless before and after photos that come with every single workout dvd or “diet plan”

you know…like these…

you only have to google Insanity or 30 day shred to see pages and pages of photos of people who have undergone a miraculous transformation…

the difference between insanity and 30ds (and some others) is they promise dramatic results, but not without hard work!

You don’t end up buying either of these programs without knowing you are going to have to sweat (a lot!) to get the results. And to be honest some of them ever come with taglines that say 3 rounds or 2 rounds, implying that it might take more than one go through the program to get the results.

The real problems are the gadgets and diets that are sold promising almost magical transformations with zero effort in only minutes a day…

you know the ones for ab trainer plus pro things or the cabbage and grasshopper diet…

or that one wierd trick that will help you lose belly fat fast…

Does anyone know what that is by the way?

I have never clicked on the link but I would love it if you clicked through and paid what ever it is and there was just ย pdf that said:

Eat better, move more!

you get the idea...
you get the idea…

There are seemingly endless ways to lose weight and size and whatnot with absolutely no effort at all apparently!

And every one of these things comes with its own ultra convincing set of before and after photos…

The problem is I don’t trust any of them!

I know full well that anything that only last 3 mins or is so easy you don’t know you are doing anything is just not going to give sensible results…it just isn’t. I know this, you know this…so what is with the before and after photos.

If those results can be attained from those “tricks” then everything I thought I knew was wrong.

and if they can’t and the pictures are faked, then what about the ones associated with the more reputable programs based on sensible concepts…

can I trust those?

We have all, by now seen the “amazing transformations” made in 15 mins with good lighting and better fitting clothes…(if not go look)

It has got to the point where I have no idea what is a real transformation and what is faked by the media, and that is a shame. There are people out there who really have done amazing things with weight loss, and it is not fair that their hard work is called into question because there are magazines / TV companies putting up all the fake pictures to sell more stuff!

I really wish the media would stop!

Is there any wonder that so many people out there are getting the whole thing so wrong! Even with genuine knowledge gained from professional qualifications, I still sometimes look at these things and think…”oooh that looks intriguing…” it only lasts for seconds in my case, and i do have enough knowledge to see whether these things are based in science, but what about the people who don’t?

Remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is!!

This is, unfortunately, just another instance of the media and businesses playing on people’s insecurities to make money.

I am not saying there aren’t systems and workouts and such out there that work, Insanity is blooming brilliant for example< but none of them will work without effort!

I am going to stop now before this turns into (more of) a rant.

24 thoughts on “Media manipulation of the masses

  1. I also want to know what that ‘one weird trick’ is – I’ve never clicked the link either! if anybody does know, please share it with us all! It makes me angry that these companies prey on the insecurities of people – first the media presents us with these near-impossible to achieve images of perfection, then they sell ad space to these buggers who only really want to take our cash. I read something only yesterday about a diet that promises you can eat pizza and doughnuts and still lose weight – yes, if you only eat one a day and starve the rest of the time. You might lose weight, but you won’t be very healthy. The confusion of ‘thin’ and ‘healthy’ annoys me too. Being thin doesn’t necessarily mean healthy, just as there are plenty of heavier people who are probably ten times as fit as I am. Pah. I feel myself ranting so I might just have to go and find that doughnut…

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    1. I agree!! rant away!! It winds me up, especially as a not thin but still healthy and fit person…I have to constantly get over that assumption from people that I won’t be able to do stuff!
      Walking into an exercise class for the first time and surprising people is always fun! but I do get angry!

      I had this post on hold for ages because I thought it might be too much of a rant, but on re-reading it turned out ok.

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      1. It is not rant-y enough, in fact! But seriously, it is important that people like yourself (proper fitness people!) speak out about this sort of nonsense. Too many people – especially the youngsters – waste a lot of time on faddy diets and equipment, thinking they are going to look like a supermodel in twenty minutes and it isn’t right.
        I am not thin either – I am lucky to have a narrow waist but I have retained the hips and thighs of my hockey playing days and look pretty much like Mr T from the waist down. I mean… sort of chunky, not… anything else that Mr T might keep below the waist ๐Ÿ˜‰ I bet it’s brilliant surprising those snotty skinny minnies with your super hero-like abilities! ๐Ÿ˜€

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      2. It is important that people realise that these things are invented to make money! And if they worked people wouldn’t keep buying them!!
        It is like weight watchers…a terrible organisation which is not there to help but to make a profit!!
        Profiting from people’s insecurities and fears!!

        I had a very strange picture for a minute there with your top half joined in to mr t’s bottom halt…it was like two pages had got stuck together in a book :-/

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      3. Oh yes, my feet are TINY! I swear I used to be a size 5, but I recently tried on a size 5 and they were massive so I have to concede that I am a size 4. If I shrink any more I might vanish entirely ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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      4. I am a size 4-5…well 4 and a half really but they don’t exist in many shoes…
        I forget though as my runnign shoes and dancing shoes are size 6 because of the expansion and forward pushing on your toes…
        Don’t vanish!!
        think big foot thoughts!!
        although I am not actually sure what big foot thinks about…

        I may have lost the plot in that comment somewhere…

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      5. This is my favourite sort of comment. Starts off about shoes, end up about Bigfoot philosophy. I sometimes wonder what I did before blogging, but no way was it as much fun as this ๐Ÿ™‚
        I think Bigfoot thinks about food, mainly. So I shall think about that!

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      6. I certainly didn’t expect any of this madness when i started blogging…
        this is so much better than I expected! I thought I would be writing basically to myself…
        and probably not answering myself because that would be odd…
        althugh that is not a certainty…

        Bigfoot almost certainly thinks about food, and trees, and feet.

        and whether he exists or not…

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      7. Blogging is excellent!! I have learnt so much and made new friends! New friends who I have convinced to be in madcap videos… life is good! ๐Ÿ˜€
        I really hope he exists and I also hope that, ironically, his feet are not that big at all, he just wears clown shoes to help him walk in the snow.

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      8. yes!! It never occurred to me I would actually make friends doing this ๐Ÿ˜€
        or be in madcap videos ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

        I do hope that is the truth of bigfoot, he is just a fan of large shoes and not sinking in the snow and has been stereotyped as having big feet, and he hides easily during the summer months when his foot prints are not easily distinguishable from other creatures…thus allowing him to travel freely around the world!

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      9. Blogging as quite literally changed my life – sounds dramatic but it’s actually true!! (Can’t wait til 27th woop woop!!)
        I reckon he has tiny, dainty little feet like a ballet dancer and spends the summer pirouetting through the woodland, prancing elegantly among the shrubs and chatting with the bees…
        Wow I lost myself there for a moment…

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      10. Funnily enough it changed mine too ๐Ÿ™‚ I am sure I wouldn’t be where I am if I hadn’t started blogging as well as exercising!!
        I love that picture!! Dainty dancing Bigfoot with his tiny feet ๐Ÿ˜€

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      11. Now I want to do an investigative piece about how blogging has changed peoples’ lives… but if I take on another project I might have to give up eating and sleeping ๐Ÿ˜‰ Concentrate, Lucy, CONCENTRATE!
        I shall forward my theory to the chief Bigfoot scientists, it might just be the breakthrough they have been looking for.

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