New new gym…

Do you remember a while ago when I told you I was trying out new gyms…

It caused me to try this one which was really scary and quite far away:


And this one which was no less scary but much closer…


Well a few months ago (February actually) I tried another one… It was a new gym opeingin in horsham, conveniently 5 minutes away from where I work. This was a good sign.

It purported to be:

“A low cost, no contract gym done the right way”

And was called:

Dual Strength and Fitness

that was another good sign, I like both strength and fitness!!


So quite at random, I went for a look around, it looked pretty awesome…lots of heavy stuff and places to lift it, lots of functional stuff like kettlebells (woohoo) and medicine balls, and one or two obligatory pieces of cardio equipment. but the balance was very firmly in favour of lifting not treadmill slogging. This is definitely a place I could like…

So I joined…

And then attempted to go in my lunchbreak from work…which is possible but manic and therefor not really ideal…

So after some experimentation with different timings, and some cajoling of friends, I have managed to do the impossible!

I have managed to get to the gym in the morning on more than one morning a week! I have to admit this is mainly down to other people, but I did instigate the idea I the first place!! However, I have managed to get myself a gym buddy, or possibly my friend Sarah is now coming to the gym with me twice a week, as well as the PT i have one morning a week, that is 3 mornings 😀 I still can’t quite manage it when I am not meeting people, but it is a start!!

Altogether, pretty awesome! and I am so happy with the gym because it has everything I need in a gym and is super friendly! I actually speak to people…

people I don’t know and everything!! they are not intimidating and judge-y, or at least if they are they don’t show it…and in my experience intimidating judge-y people normally show it… and everyone just gets on with their own thing and does stuff like politely asks if you are using weights / racks / etc and generally speaking doesn’t do stupid stuff.

Did I mention they have a lot of heavy weights?

well they do…and not a sea of terrifying treadmills!!

look bars and weights and suchlike 😀


15 thoughts on “New new gym…

  1. That first gym looks proper scary – like there might be a dead body in there or something!! I am glad you have found a gym that you like, with lots of cool lift-y things and no judge-y people. You must be really super strong – I think you should try lifting me! 🙂

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      1. Oh man no wonder people find it so hard to get fit if gyms are like that!! Never mind improving your fitness, it’s like the beginning of a horror movie! I admire you even more, now. 🙂
        Oh cool! I think you should try. I don’t know how much I weigh, but I am only 5’1″ and I have *limited* wobbly bits 😀

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      2. It is tricky as gyms are either terrifying and dodgy like these or really flashy in leisure complexes! Both are off putting!!
        I can deadlift 100kg and you probably weigh about half that so I am sure I could lift you!! I will try 😀

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      3. I went to a shiny one in a leisure centre and all the ladies were in full make up and the men were all posing in the mirror. I felt very intimidated, looking all red and sweaty.
        You’re really strong! I definitely think you should try. I’ll write it into a scene somewhere 😀

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      4. Oooh excellent!! That sounds quite exciting 🙂
        That sort of gym was like the one I used to go to before I started experimenting with scary ones! They are really intimidating!

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