The day I realised just how important this all is to me!

When I say realised, I did know really, but I have only recently fully come to appreciate what a huge part of my life this all is.

By this I mean, exercise in general and dancing specifically!

Ok…I’ll start at the start… and attempt not to over dramatise. Although I can’t promise that last one, IΒ do tend towards the dramatic!

Last week, during a perfectly ordinary dance practice, I was dancing Β one of my favourite dances when there was a sudden and unexpected feeling that someone had kicked me really hard underneath my foot. My initial reaction was “who kicked me? what is going on?” and thinking this was what had happened, I attempted to carry on dancing…

This soon proved to be a mistake and IΒ hopped off to the side of the room..literally…I couldn’t put my foot down at all by this point…

Then people got me a chair, and i poke my foot, decided it was better put my shoe on, tried to stand and nearly fell over…

It was not better…

It is still not better…

It is some sort of severe, sudden onset Plantar Fasciitis with, according to the hospital, some tears in the fibers of the plantar fascia.

plantar fasciitis, click for more info..

There is a lot to say about what plantar fschiitis actually is…

Luckily someone who is not me has already written it down. So if you want to know more, go ahead ad click on the picture it will tell you all about it.

I am going to tell you what has happened to me afterwards…

I spent the first 4 days on crutches, I couldn’t even stand on two feet without them, I then moved down to 1 crutch and today and yesterday I have been able to walk slowly without crutches.

My crutches

I have had to rest.

yes, you heard it here first (unless you are my friend on FB or in real life in which case you *may* have heard me complaining…a little…) I had to rest, no walking, no running, no gym, and no dancing.

And I have hated every minute of it!! I appreciate that it is necessary but I hate it.

I have been doing some slow walks now I am recovering, but I really can’t do any more.

I can’t even think about dancing, and it is making me into a crazy emotional wreck! I hadn’t anticipated until right now, how much a part of me this whole thing has become. To not be able to dance feels like not being able to breathe!

I know I am being dramatic.

I know it has only been a week.

I know it will get better and I only have to be patient.

But it has effected me in a much less rational way than I expected. I am alternating between stubborn positivity and crying.

On the positive side, it is an opportunity to play my recorder more, it doesn’t mean I can’t be part of Mythago, I just have to be a different part for a while.

On the negative side, I am irrational and crazy and assume I am being a nuisance to everyone! It has seriously turned me into a crazy person!

It is the same with the gym and exercise in general, I really really hate not being able to do things. This is not so bad though as I will be able to go back an train upper body soon (hopefully tomorrow).

So there it is, I know it is not the worst thing that could happen, and I have probably not put it across that well, but it has made me realise just how much I have changed my life since I started this!

It has also made me learn some things:

  • Rest is a real thing
  • Don’t neglect stretches
  • Calves really shouldn’t be *that* tight
  • Don’t neglect stretches (yes I know I mentioned this…but it is important)
  • Don’t ignore niggley little pains

I am on the mend, and I just have to be patient, so I will keep you posted!


23 thoughts on “The day I realised just how important this all is to me!

  1. Aw! That naughty, naughty foot!! I am very sad that it is upsetting you so much – you are not being dramatic at all, it is completely understandable. I am sending you the biggest hugs ever, and also digital gin. In a show of solidarity I shall even drink gin for you. My poor friend – try putting on that gorgeous purple fedora you had on the other day, that might cheer you up a bit. If you can crawl to Cambridge I will look after you…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww thank you πŸ™‚
      I do appreciate the hugs and virtual gin…and especially you having to drink some for me πŸ™‚
      I feel a little like a drama queen, it is upsetting me far more than i thought!
      I would love to come to Cambridge and be looked after, I think that would take my mind of the no dancing!
      sadly people expect me to be at blooming work!

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      1. I know you appreciate the sacrifices I make where gin is concerned, so don’t worry – anything for a friend!
        Seriously, though – when you are an active person, being crippled is devastating. All those endorphins and whatnot that your body is missing – it’s probably like giving up smoking or heroin or something. Be as dramatic as you can, I say!
        How cheeky of them. They should know that you have important duties here in the City of Dreams. Pah. Soon, though!

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  2. I’ll risk being overly positive in an annoying situation but all I was thinking while reading is “wow, ice_Badger really has made a true change in her life style”. That’s pretty awesome and something many struggle with! Hope your foot gets better soon!

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    1. Thank you πŸ™‚
      Positivity is awesome and the huge positive to come out of this is that it proves how much I have really changed and how much this is all a part of me and not just a think I have to do!
      Even dice I wrote this yesterday I am feeling much more positive πŸ™‚

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  3. I hope you start feeling back up to par soon, but also – HOLY COW GO YOU for being at the place where not being active and constantly moving affects you so sincerely. You’re a rock star!

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    1. Thank you πŸ™‚
      I honestly hadn’t thought it wouldn’t affect me so much!
      It is amazing what the chance reading of a blog can do to totally change your life…this only goes to prove how much!!


  4. You had this horrible event whilst I was traveling to Vancouver to do a bit of nastiness (discipline a manager on my team) so I missed the news on FB at first. Then I ill-advisedly decided to do a solo hike on some piece of hell known as the Grouse Grind, which nearly killed me, so I still missed your FB news, while I cried myself to sleep that night. When I finally figured out you were injured, FB decided to conspire against me by hiding the post I had made on your wall.

    Well, I’m glad that’s all sorted out.

    Hope you’re mending well. xoxo

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    1. That was a lot of craziness between us!!
      I am sorry you had a hard time too 😦 FB is being ridiculous at the moment and not telling me about anything I want to know about!
      I am mending well and a lot more positive than yesterday!!

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