First new Paddington for ages!!!

Woohoo I am back in the game people! 

So excited! I deadlifted this morning for the first time since 15th August!! 

It was awesome!! I am not at as heavy a weight as I was…but I had 5 weeks off!! 

But I did it and I am really happy about it!! We designated it back day and threw in some rows… 

and I got a new PB!! 45kg rows for 3 twice 😀 woohoo!!! All this upper body work is paying off!! 

18 thoughts on “First new Paddington for ages!!!

      1. Niiiiiiice!!!! Those DMs are things of such beauty, I love them. Also, I saw Ian on Saturday and he asked how you were 🙂 Soon be dancing and then shenanigans and goodness knows what!!

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      1. Yes, of course. I do split training as well, it gives me variety and that way I know I can also refrain from over-training as well. Although these past couple of days, I had to integrated upper and lower body workouts in order to make up for my missed days, and it went well.
        Deadlifting is a good time at the gym though, LOL.

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