Morning bear?

Well…quite frankly no…I am not a morning bear…I am pretty much still this panda..

yes…probably this sort of morning bear!

.only actually if I were a bear I wouldn’t be a panda I would be a moon bear…

I know this is true, because I have a handy bear identification chart, on which the moon bear is quite small with a fuzzy head…and if there is one thing I do have it is a fuzzy head!!

I will prove it shortly…

However… the point of this is…despite my not being a morning bear…I seem to have found my way to the gym in the morning, before work 3-4 times a week for the last few months!

I know…how awesome..and totally out of character…

No, I haven’t developed superhuman will power that allows me to leave my snugly warm bed.

No, I haven’t developed the art of going to bed early so I am actually rested in the morning…

I have developed the art of forcing people to come with me which then guilt trips me into getting out of bed in the morning… If I am meeting someone I have no option! Even better, I only actually have to pay one of them!!

It is a perfect plan…

look here we are all  awake looking… not sure how that happened

I train with my friend Sarah on Wednesdays and Fridays, which is excellent as neither of us are morning people, and we are both trained fitness people…thus we can make it up while half a sleep and still come out with a reasonable workout 😀 We both want to do almost exclusively lifting and gain strength so it works! The other excellent thing is we seem to have developed the art of decideing on which exercises to do using mainly arm motions and seeming ly vague words 😀

You may remember Sarah from the olden days of the blog when she was my body pump teacher and my pilates teacher 😀 now she is my friend… and I am attempting to be in her body pump and pilates classes again but time is not my friend!

On a Thursday I train with my friend graham…which is harder on my brain because I have to think of things ahead of time…we do more fat loss / functional based workouts which is good because variety is apparently important. 😀   It is quite hard on graham mind you as I am always super tired on a Thursday after dancing on a Wednesday which make me super grumpy…especially when I have to think of things!! I blame early morning caffeine deficiency!

On Tuesday, I have PT with New Matt…which is excellent because it make Tuesdays into bearable days, and I am not required to think that hard first thing!

So… what have I learned… Gym buddies are the key to morning workouts…especially if you can find ones that understand vagueness and can put up with grumping!

I am super pleased I have finally managed this, it seems to be the key to actually getting into the gym as often as I want to 😀

yes…that is still pretty much as good as it gets!! Only don’t catch a squirrel…just leave them be!

16 thoughts on “Morning bear?

  1. Hello, my lovely fussy-headed bear friend! Goodness me, you are rocking this fitness thing! You are now like a warrior goddess with the most awesome hair ever 🙂 I had to google a moon bear but now I see one, I definitely see the resemblance. Also – look at their lovely little ears! And your ears are nice too. So you might not be a morning bear, but you are a super-fit goddess bear with amazing hair and that has to be better 🙂

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    1. Hehehe!! moon bears do have the most amazing ears!! I can’t rival the ears!
      I think Super-fit goddess bear is my new goal!! I like the idea of that a lot 😀
      If I am one of those, I don’t have to be cheerful in the morning…goddesses don’t have to be 😀

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      1. I love their ears too 😀 mine are not as furry and in the wrong place on my head really… but I think my fuzzy headedness make up for it!

        Goddess bears can definitely do what they want! I am going to use that argument at work next time someone tries to suggest things I don’t want to do 😀

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      2. Probably good that your ears aren’t furry – although I wouldn’t hold it against you if they were! Your amazing general head fuzz more than makes up for smooth ears.
        You need a little sign on your desk – ‘Goddess Bears Do What They Want. (Now bring me some Bernards)’ 😀

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      3. you are right…with the amount of fuzz on my head, having fuzzy ears would seem overkill…and noone would see them!!

        I really really want to make up that sign!!
        I might have to make it my surreptitious afternoon project!!!

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  2. Workout buddies is an awesome way to drive accountability. You’re not likely to abandon your gym buddy due to guilt, no matter how comfortable the snuggly bed feels. Good on you for cultivating so many gym buddies! xoxo

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      1. Whatever it takes!
        My days have been starting at 5:30 a.m. for a couple of weeks now (since arriving in Las Vegas) but that is because I’m keep Toronto timezone hours (3 hours ahead) while I’m here to be less disruptive to the business. So, I’ve proven I can be up and productive at 5:30 every day for a long stretch of time, but that hasn’t translated to any gym activity. Thank goodness for hiking or else I’d be a massive lump.

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      2. I am not sure I could actually be productive at that time…the fact I can work out is because a lot of it is autopilot and body rather than Brain!
        I am fairly sure if I worked in a different time zone to the one I was living in my head would explode!!

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