A complexity of complexes

I don’t think there actually is a collective noun for complexes, I feel sure that if there were it wouldn’t be a complexity… maybe a difficulty of complexes or a confusion of complexes…

Complexity would likely be the collective noun for puzzles or some such thing…

Back to complexes…

A complex, in this context, is a series of lifts or exercises that is done back to back without putting the bar / dumbbell down. For example, 8 reps each of: deadlifts, cleans, OH presses and back squats then rest and repeat

This has the advantage of being super efficient, a combination of lifting and cardio, not super boring and does all that good stuff like boost muscular endurance and metabolism and suchlike!

It has the disadvantage of being super hard and making you want to fall down!

In case you hadn’t guessed where this was going…I have been adding these into my workouts recently…

I was looking for options as I had got into a very samey pattern with lifting, which I still love, I just thought it is good to mix in some more heart-rate-raise-y whole body fun stuff!

I have been doing a mixture of barbell and dumbbell complexes, and a couple of times I have worked them as a superset as I was training with another person so we did one complex each then swapped… this, when it gets right down to it, is pure madness!


I had to play with the number of reps because I can lift a lot more on a deadlift than I can on a military press… so I upped the reps of the deadlift so I could use the same weight for all of them…switching weights sort of defeats the purpose!

I can highly recommend them 😀




12 thoughts on “A complexity of complexes

  1. Look at your gorgeous little face there! Your work out sounds pretty terrifying, if I’m honest, but I am mightily impressed. Nearly as impressed as when you lifted me up! Also I was thinking – a battery of complexes? Hmm? This matter has given me something to ponder whilst I stuff my face full of Bernards 🙂

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    1. Considering how tired I was when I took that picture I am very surprised I looked so cheerful!!
      Lifting you up wasn’t too hard…you are not very heavy 😀
      Ooooh a battery of complexes… that might work 😀
      I have to do this sort of thing to make up for my Bernard consumption 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think you look amazing! Like the Ultimate Goddess of Everything! Next time I shall fill myself full of Bernards first and see if that makes me heavier. If it does, then the experiment has worked. If not, at least I am full to the brim with Bernards! Although maybe don’t squeeze me… I might leak… 😉

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      2. Hehehehe woohoo! Ultimate Goddess of Everything sounds awesome! As long as I can have Goddess minions to do the hard work!!
        Oh yes… an experiment with Bernards and lifting sounds perfect!!
        Hahaha! I promise not to cause you to leak 😀 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      3. On another note, I am definitely coming down with a cold and feel like I need to be carried. If you could be my official carrier for a few days whilst I recover, that would be great 🙂 I’ll bring the Bernards!

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      4. Aw you are too kind 😉 But it shall be the greatest sick note known to mankind – with lots of alliteration and snappy dialogue. And such 😉 I might even draw pictures, too, although my drawing is fairly poor.

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