2017 Janathon: 31 days of yoga…

OK…it is the start of a brand new year…

Traditionally I am supposed to do a round up of 2016 and a goals and whatnot post for 2017…well I am not going to yet..or possibly not at all…I will tell you goals as I set them…but new year is not the only time you can set them…it is just the time people seem to.

I had just got through telling myself that I didn’t need to sign up to do 30 days of this and a month of that because my lifestyle incorporates a lot of exercise and suchlike when I saw a FB post about Janathon so I thought ooooh maybe I will do that again just because I can…

Then I went and looked at the Yoga with Adriene YouTube channel, and noticed that she is doing a new 31 day yoga program which started on 1st Jan called Yoga revolution. It is 31 days of yoga (obviously) but also something about mind body connection and getting them working together and suchlike…

so I thought what the hell…I’ll do that…it might just do me some good…

so…I have done Day 1: Ease and day 2: Intention so far ๐Ÿ˜€ I have so far remembered that I like yoga…and that it is hard, even when you think it will be easy!!

If you want to join me it isn’t too late you could catch up I am sure!! just click here:

Yoga revolutionย 

14 thoughts on “2017 Janathon: 31 days of yoga…

  1. I did Day 3 first thing this morning. Not sure how I managed two early starts in a row… Today’s was HARD. Lots of downward dog to chattaranga. blech. Got through it. Feeling happy I did. Tomorrow I fly to Atlanta super early so I’ll have to do the Day 4 in the evening in my hotel (and then days 5 & 6 in the hotel too). That will be a test of my commitment.

    Also, have taken to journaling at night before I go to sleep.

    p.s.s. I have FINALLY written a blog post.

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    1. I am going to do da 3 tonight…I had an early morning too as I had training at the gym!
      I don’t like down dog chattarangas oh well…it will no doubt feel better at the end some how I always do!!
      I am not sure when I will fit tomorrow’s in as I have gym in the morning g and dancing in the evening… I will find sometime!!

      Oooh!! I will look! I may have seen it on fb but then WordPress didn’t tell me about it ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


  2. What a cool challenge. I know I won’t stick to it for 31 days but as I’ve liked her yoga sessions before, thanks to you I’ll look her up every time I do yoga in January (approx 2 a week). Just so that I can follow your posts better…๐Ÿ˜Š

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  3. First ever attempt at yoga yesterday. Adriene’s yoga for runners, picked purely because it was the first search result ๐Ÿ™‚ Have had to abandon running for at least the next couple of weeks after Achilles tendon pain caused by tight calf muscles, so I am trying to work on core strength and flexibility.

    It seems parts of me are not just of limited flexibility, but actually don’t bend at all!

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    1. I have done that one…it is not easy! and I discovered the same…bits of me I thought should move just don’t!
      core strength and flexibility are good…and handy for running…
      Tight calves are a pain…literally!! mine are ridiculous…although better after i did a free osteopathy for tatter making deal!
      Yoga with Adriene is excellent mind you and she is quite amusing… I would recommend starting with her beginners ones mind you…


      1. Found the Yoga for Absolute Beginners video. Much easier to follow, but still lots of things my body just doesn’t do! Also difficult to close your eyes and watch the video to see what you’re meant to be doing at the same time ๐Ÿ™‚

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      2. Yes..that one is a better place to start…
        is that the one with “easy pose” which is basically sitting cross legged…which I apparently can’t do any more!
        I find watching the video and actually doing the things at the same time is quite tricky… especially as I often watch the video on my phone and have to move it around while I am doing it… ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Sitting cross legged hurts my hips, and is hard to keep balance unless I have something to lean on, which is probably missing the point. Hopefully doing this regularly will help.
    Playing the video on a tablet with built in stand is useful. So is keeping the dogs in another room so they don’t try to sit on me or lick my face!

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    1. It hurts my ankles…and hips…although I am better at it now which means it does work I think!
      Try sitting on something like a cushion or something…it helps sitting upright… I have a yoga block that I got from Amazon for about ยฃ3 it helps with not being able to reach things too
      I can imagine that the dogs are not super helpful!! The cats sometimes just sit down in the middle of the mat when I am doing things…or push my phone on the floor!


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