Guess what…I signed up for another thing!

Yes…another thing…this time it is a marathon length thing O_O

buffy shock
yeah…thats how I felt…

But… it is a WALKING marathon not a running one…

This is very important!!

I am not running a marathon!

Nope…not now, not ever.

However…I am walkign one and it is overnight and I have to do it wearing a bra.

yes…ok…to be honest I normally walk places wearing a bra…but the point is I have to wear only a bra.

on top…I mean only a bra on top…I get to wear trousers and shoes and stuff…

I feel I could be explaining this better…

There is an event called the Moonwalk which some of you may have heard of. It is an overnight walk around london (or the one I am doing is in London, I belive others are available) in aid of Walk the Walk who work with breast cancer charities to help people with breast cancer! Go and read all about it here:

So this is my crazy challenge for 2017 which I will undoubtedly tell you more about…

I have done some training already (not enough…i am following my usual pattern of procrastination and last minute panic) here are some pictures of it…

If you are feelign particularly generous… I have a sponsor page and I would be super grateful for any help!!

9 thoughts on “Guess what…I signed up for another thing!

  1. Well – I thought you had gone all Oxford on me there and would be striding about without any trousers! I am very proud of you and have made a small donation to the cause 🙂 I like the picture of the path leading into the trees – it looks like adventure lies that way!!

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    1. no fear…purely topless for me all trousers will remain in tact!!
      Thank you so much for your donation 😀 😀
      I like the path through the trees…that was from last weekends ad-van-ture which I havent finished writing…I feel I would get a lot more walkign training done if I could walk there!

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      1. Pah! Nigel and Boris will be disappointed, but no doubt very much in favour of your charitable intentions!
        I am looking forward to reading about the ad-van-ture! I hope the coffee pot and cheese knife features prominently 🙂

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