A weekend of dance, walking and rain!!

This weekend started so well!!

It was Rochester sweeps festival which involves.. well… Dancing and more dancing and some waking about… all with fantastic people! So that was pretty damn awesome and is exactly what this whole fit enough to dance in a mask project was all about!!

Lovely crazy friends!

Then came Sunday… a day where I was scheduled to walk 20 miles from shoreham to south water on the (infamous) downs link path. This walk was beset with disaster from the get go…

First the path was closed then the detour (as with all good detours) left me in the middle of nowhere then a dog attacked some sheep (not my dog…I don’t have one) then it rained for the next 5 hours!

So miserable was it that I stopped after 14miles… still in the plus side I did 14 miles 🙂

Soggy but still sort of smiling…this wasn’t the end of the walk…I got wetter and less smiley! 

Optimistic and smiley at the start of the walk…

Monday involved more dancing…well a long procession and then a little bit of dancing at Hastings Jack in the Green festival… it would have been fun… but there was so much rain!! Still there was dancing and that is always good!!

This was the view from the end of the procession…it looks nicer than it should do!
Mythago, processing…look at the floor…so wet! (photo from Hastings Observer click for source)

Despite the weekends wet drawbacks, it has reminded me of something…I am a damn sight fitter than I used to be…I have turned into a person who can sandwich a 14 mile walk in between two days of dance without crippling myself!! this, my friends is progress!! 😀

12 thoughts on “A weekend of dance, walking and rain!!

  1. A casual, 14 mile walk in among a weekend of dancing and getting rained on it mightily impressive, my friend! I feel a bit sorry for the sheep who got attacked – I suppose these things happen. I love the photos! Even when you aren’t quite so smiley you still manage to exude your own unique brand of cheer 😀

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    1. It is definitely progress 🙂 I was considerably less smiley by the end!
      I felt very sorry for the sheep and lambs and very angry with the dog owners who didn’t control their dogs 😦

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      1. You are a proper warrior goddess!! I am so impressed with what you have achieved. I am most impressed that you can pick me up!!
        That is naughty of the owners, they should have been more careful. I shall attack them if I see them. Grr!

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      2. yeay!! I think warrior goddess should be in my blog tagline somewhere!!

        I like being able to pick you up…I could rescue you in an emergency situation…which is handy!

        I think attacking then would be very apt! I photographed them but am not really sure this will help as I have no idea what to do with the photo…

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      3. You should definitely add ‘warrior goddess’ in somewhere 😀
        This is a good thing as emergency situations occur quite frequently when I am about. Danger is my middle name!
        Hmm it is tricky to know what to do with the photo, unless you know the person who owns the sheep, then you could pass it on to them – or the local police, if the sheep-person made a complaint. Or just send it to the rozzers and tell them that ‘these people have a dog that is dangerously out of control and attacks things’ (‘dangerously out of control’ being the key phrase!)

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      4. I might send it to the police, the dog was dangerously out of control! It was separating lambs off and nearly caught one, at one point it looked like it was carrying one. Moments before this the same dog had appeared on the path through a hedge and run at me too which was disconcerting!
        I don’t think the pic will be much help as I was quite far away but you never know…

        I will definitely rescue you in emergency situations… you may have to schedule it in advance though if I am not in the Cambridge vicinity…

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      5. That is one very naughty dog! Although I really blame the owners, because it should have been on a lead if it wasn’t properly trained. Grr and double grr!
        I shall be sure to send you advance notice of any emergency that may require a rescue – I’ll book them in for weekends, to be doubley helpful 🙂

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      6. it was definitely the owners fault…they were standing right next to a sign warning them to keep their dogs under control in the presence of lambs!

        I seem to attract large dogs that run at me barking mind you…it happens every time I go walking! then their owners look offended when I am not happy about it!

        yeay! I will definitely set aside Lucy rescuing time every weekend 😀

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      7. How weird that large dogs make for you… I don’t recall you smelling of sausages or some such thing. Perhaps your warrior goddess vibes make them tetchy! I quite like dogs but some owners give me the pip – they are creatures and need careful watching!
        Hurrah! 😀

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      8. exactly… dogs are fine when their owners behave themselves!!

        I don’t think I smell of sausages…I may small of 3 cats mind you..perhaps they think I am a giant cat…

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