Grand Scottish Ad-Van-Ture part 1

In April I had an Ad-van-ture and I thought you might like to know about it… I originally wrote about it on the Red Van Travels blog. This is part 1…

Red Van Travels

Have you heard of the NC500?

Well…NC stands for North Coast, and it refers to a 500 mile road route that goes around (most of) the North Coast of Scotland. It has had a lot of advertising recently and has become a “thing”. Although to quote some of the people we met there, the road has always been there, it just has better PR now.

Well, we decided this would be an awesome ad-van-ture, we added some more bits on though, and starting in sussex, we did 2000 miles give or take a couple…so NC2K it is!

The other awesome thing about this ad-van-ture is that it was really a double ad-van-ture. We were accompanied on this amazing trip by the Little Red Van’s friend, the Atlantic I introduced you to a few posts back… here

Ad-van-ture Day 1 (Friday 14th April)

Day 1 saw us preparing to leave at…

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