Reboot day 3 (part 1): A morning bear?

If you come here often you will know by now that I struggle with morning workouts… I like sleeping and gettign up in the morning is tricky…

sleepy willow
TBH I am rarely that calm in a morning

However, (and I might have already mentioned this a while back) I have managed to convince a friend of mine that it is a good idea to go with me to the gym two mornings a week…so that along with my morning PT means gym on three separate early morning occasions every week O_O It works if I have someone to meet…it is rarer if I have to go alone…

This is still me in the morning…

So…in case you hadn’t guessed from all of that preamble…I went to the gym this morning with my lovely friend sarah 😀

We mostly like lifting and pushing the pushy-pulley thing around (this is a prowler sled thing just in case you were not aware). We are attempting to follow a program, mainly because it allows us to avoid making decisions early in the morning…

This mornign we managed some of it, but due to alarm malfunctions we were only there for about 45 minutes rather than an hour… Still we managed a superset of snatch grip deadlifts (50kg) and Bench press (37.5kg) (3 sets of 10-15reps of each) and a superset of leg press (145kg) and hack squats (2 sets of 15 reps of each)

It was not bad as workouts go and pretty much worked the whole body albeit not quite as hard as normal…

looking pretty cheery for a morning…

And that was day 3…well the first part anyway…there will be dancing later, after all it is Wednesday 😀

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