Reboot day 3 (part 2): and then there was dancing…

Dancing and dancing and dancing and aweleggings! 

It was (of course) Mythago practice night 🙂 this Halle was every Wednesday so it shouldn’t be toooooo surprising! 

It is Mythago’s 20th anniversary this year so the side is hosting a Morris dancing extravaganza this coming weekend (yes…you will hear about it…a lot!) so this evening was practice for that 😁 

This means there was a lot of dancing… which is awesome and the whole point of this entire 365 malarkey in the first place! 

Look dancing 🙂 I am not in that one…I am (obviously) photographing it!

I was there though…look here I am with my friend Mark one of Mythago’s excellent dancers and a pretty fine guitar/mandolin player too 😊 (I kind of forced him into being photographed hehehe) 

Oh yes…and did I mention I had my blooming awesome supershero leggings on?

Well I did and they are so awesome that you need to see them!!! 

They are super (hero) awesome!! 

And that is definitely day 3 done 😁

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