Reboot day 5: Oh my goodness yoga is hard!

Remember last year when I did 30 days of yoga, and some other yoga challenges?

Remember how I was improving at it?

Well that improvement has long gone!!

I got up early again this morning…I fully intended to go to the gym. I normally do on a Friday morning, but my gym buddy had some sort of pressing engagement with sun and relaxation and a wedding so I was feeling less than enthusiastic. So, after getting up at normal gym time and faffing about a lot, I decided that staying at home and doing some early morning yoga for waking up would be a good idea…

It was a good idea…but not necessarily a good reality. I mean the yoga video I did was good, I was just appalling at doing it! It made me realise that I need to do a lot more yoga type stuff!


I was not a good at yoga as the average bear!

Image from

So with a morning yoga workout, Day 5 is done 🙂

8 thoughts on “Reboot day 5: Oh my goodness yoga is hard!

  1. I’ve decided to take the time to start my day with yoga at least 4 times a week during my next 4 weeks (on holidays). Will have to be just 15-20mins some mornings as i am a lot alone with the kids but I have found even the little bit makes the start of the day feel so much better!


    1. I am just annoyed that I lost all the progress I had made…oh well, that is no reason not to try again 😀

      btw, all your comments had gone into my spam box for some reason!! i just found them!!

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