Reboot day 8: don’t worry I don’t have a broken heart! 

After all the excitement of the weekend I declared today a rest day! 

No of course that doesn’t mean I did nothing…that would be a rubbish cop out on day 8!! Active rest is a thing 😁

I actually did two things, they were just slightly more gentle things than usual… 

The first of those things was walking 🙂 I went out of my office during my lunch break and I walked around for half an hour. I didn’t rush or measure distance and steps I just wandered around in the subshine looking at the world and not being at my desk 😀 

The second of those things is yoga…and brings me to the title of the post…

I did Yoga with Adrien’s “Yoga for a broken heart” but don’t worry I don’t have a broken heart!! 

I have a sort of withdrawal from the weekend feeling that buzz that fades to a bit of a flat feeling that you get after an awesome time! 

I also realised over the last few days that I have taken a huge step back in the gains I made in the self acceptance and body positivity field. I told you in the first reboot post that I have put a little of the weight back on and not been as dedicated as I would like. Well this has been playing on my mind a lot! I have reverted somewhat to feeling like a lump and telling myself all sorts of negative things. So in away I have been breaking my own heart. So when I saw this yoga video, I thought I’d give it a try 😀 

It was good, quite slow and flowy but still not easy! I have no idea if the yoga worked on the negativeness but the thinking process made me realise I have to stop feeling like that about myself or I won’t get anywhere! 

So with some yoga for a broken heart my quest for superhero powers will get back on track 😁

Day 8 active rest complete 😁

4 thoughts on “Reboot day 8: don’t worry I don’t have a broken heart! 

  1. You are a gorgeous warrior goddess! Always! But I get how you feel, we all feel a bit blobby and unattractive at times, like we have let ourselves down or let ourselves go. I bet even the skinniest and fittest people feel it too. The main thing is, you don’t let it get you down, you get back on it and before you know it, there you are in awesome leggings giving it your all! A true inspiration for us ladies 🙂

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    1. 😊😁 thank you!!
      I realised I was negativing myself into a worse frame of mind and talking to myself in a way I would never talk to others!
      That I have let myself down is exactly how I felt but I am fixing it…I am just somewhat impatient!
      Time to act like a warrior goddess and work like one 😁😁😁

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