Reboot Days 6 and 7: you can dance if you want to…

And I did want to…so I danced and danced and danced!

Not on my own…

This weekend saw the arrival of the long awaited Mythago 20th Anniversary Event. A veritable morris dancing extravaganza which found us and various invited guests dancing at carefully chosen locations around Sussex…

Carefully chosen for availability of beer and flat wide placed to dance… and a good audience…obviously!

So there was dancing…

Lots and lots of dancing…

Saturday (Day 6) saw us invading the Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre and dancing from 11 am until 3 pm interspersed with other sides…even Mythago wouldn’t dance for 4 hours straight! 


After an awesome day of dancing we did… well… more dancing…

Firstly in the form of a ceidliha and then another set for mythago alone where we performed the story of the green man! This was particularly nerve wracking because I had to play my recorder in public for the second time ever 😱

So with all of that Day 6 was done!

Sunday (day 7)

Sunday dawned slightly damply but this soon gave way to brilliant sinchine and much hotness…the best weather bad the worst weather for dancing!

But what we the weather Sunday saw us doing the whole thing again! This time in Horsham town centre!

Again we danced and danced along with some of our great friends from other Morris sides!

And with another considerable dose of dancing day 7 was done 🙂

The entire weekend was absolutely awesome fun! With amazing friends new and old and so much fantastic dancing!!

Here are some survivors selfies I took with members of mythago and the awesome Bloodstone from the Isle of Wight


Oh yes…and the obligatory collage including my feet 😁

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