Reboot day 10 (part the second): Wednesday dancing

yep…in a bold break with tradition, I did dancing on a Wednesday.

ok…no that isn’t what I mean…that is of course a total lie, Wednesdays have been dancing days since before the onset of this blog!

But… yesterday did break with tradition a little as we danced out at a pub instead of in our practice hall. This meant that I got to pay £1.20 for blackcurrant and soda (which is extortionate for fizzy squash) and dance outside in the hot in a mask and tatters.

It also meant we had some fun and saw some different people and got to entertain the public…which is what we are about after all!

All in all it was probably too hot for dancing… at least it was too hot for dancing after also gymming and runnign in the same day… however we don’t let this sort of thing stop us around here!!

The one thing the heat did do is make me forget to take any pictures… so I am going to borrow some from one of our amazing fans… He takes awesome pictures and turns up to a lot of events! So I will put a link to his stuff on FB go look at it and don’t assume I took the pics… you can tell i didn’t anyway, they are not of my feet or selfies!

I am in the top two of those, but not the bottom…

short dancing post for now…expect a bigger one in the near future…it is Tewkesbury Medieval festival this weekend!

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