Reboot day 15: another run in the sun…

I have learned some things today…

Running the day after all that danging is hard work…I should *probably* have rested my legs but what I did was go for a run. I went for a run at 1pm during almost the hottest part of a hot July day.

It was hard work!

The other thing that I learned was that if you accidentally skip ahead from week 3 to the middle of week 5 on your 10k training app, the run is a lot harder than you expect. There is a lot to be said for not jumping straight from 3min running interval to 8 min running intervals!

Needless to say I didn’t make the whole 8, I did 5 and about 3 and some other quite random intervals. It wasn’t really the best run I have ever done… but it was a run and it was at lunchtime so it was out of the way 😀

somewhat warm…

With an extremely warm run… day 15 done 😀

8 thoughts on “Reboot day 15: another run in the sun…

  1. You have learned some important things! Rest assured, I have made notes. Well done for even moving about in that heat – let alone running. No doubt your super-duper leggings were instrumental in your success! 😀

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      1. They are oxford leggings!! I am certain they had been sabotaged by Boris and Nigel to derail my running progress… after!!
        I am not sure how this fits in with their sneaky plan but I am sure it does!!! 😮

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      2. Clearly they are trying to kidnap my Minister for Good Ideas & Gin as part of their dastardly plan. Keep your wits about you! And perhaps a big stick as well, just in case. If they mention peace treaties – run like the wind!!

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      3. hmmm I will not give them a single good idea if the do!!
        I shall be on the look out for the dastards as I run!!
        maybe Boris and Nigel chasing me babbling about peace treaties would improve my training times 😀

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      4. It would certainly make me run faster, I know that! If you are unfortunate enough to get captured, feed them as much gin as possible to aid your escape. Not the good stuff, though, some cheap nasty gin that will play havoc with their bowels. Serves the buggers right 🙂

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