Reboot days 13 and 14: A dragoning we do go…

Dragoning is not like fishing…

I didn’t spend the weekend with a big net waving in the air trying to catch dragons… which now I think of it sounds more like catching butterflies…but you can catch fish like that too.

Well…the net should be in water for fish, but you get the point.

By dragoning I mean playing the dragon in the Mythago dragon story at Tewkesbury Medieval festival this weekend. I also dragoned in the procession and was a more normal morris dancer for a lot of the time

(normal…for a given value of normal that is…)

So…as I mentioned it was Tewkesbury Medieval festival this weekend and we were dancing on both days, and processioning on one day. We do this every year, I am fairly sure I have told you all about it before… last year and the year before and the year before that…

As you might have guessed by now there was an awful lot of dancing this weekend, we did a stand of one off dances and a story and a show set in the beer tent on the Saturday followed by a procession and a story on the Sunday 😀

I spent so long dancing that I completely failed to take any photos…it was too hot to wear anything with pockets too so carrying my phone about was a problem… so…I have borrowed a few from the mythago facebook page of the procession on Sunday….

See if you can spot the dragon…that is me!! 😀


I’ll let you into a secret…it was extremely hot this weekend… I had no idea I would be such an enthusiastic dragon, I thought hot tired dragon would be more likely…but I guess the show must go on as they say 😀

I have never had to stick my head under a cold tap so many times in one weekend! So much fin though, and my reason for doing all of this!

In true dragon style, with a rwaaaaaaaaaaarrrr!! day 13 and 14 done 😀

8 thoughts on “Reboot days 13 and 14: A dragoning we do go…

    1. Hehehe I think catching the dragon in a net would make a good addition to the show 😀
      Dragoning is such good fun! So much raaaring!!
      One day you’ll have to come and see us… 😀😀

      Liked by 1 person

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