Reboot day 17: gym, walk, dance…

I think the title might be a bit of a give away…but the first exercise session of the day was a pre work trip to the gym with my lovely friend Sarah.

The pushy pulley thing…
In a fit of enthusiasm we decided to do a superset consisting of the pushy pulley thing and deficit deadlifts…

For the uninitiated the pushy pulley thing is our name for sled pushes and sled pulls, we push the sled complete with a 50kg load out and pull it back with the rope…it is pretty damn awesome to be honest! These supersetted with the afore mentioned deficits deadlifts forms a pretty hard workout…especially as we did 5 sets… 

We followed these with trx 1 legged squats and trx rows 😁

It was a pretty good session, we love the pushy pulley thing 😁

The second exercise was a walk during my lunch break, it was mostly an amble in the sunshine but I thought I’d tell you about it anyway. It was pleasant and good to get out of the office for some fresh air.

And then…of course there was an evening of dancing…so much dancing! So much dancing in fact that I forgot tootsie any pictures of it…

It was pretty awesome though as we were doing some dances we haven’t done for a while and were attempting to learn a brand new dance as well as old dances in new places 😁 in lieu of practice pics from tonight here is a video of practice from a while ago 😁 (no idea why it is sideways…)

With a whack of a stick, day 17 is done 😁

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