Reboot day 18: Shiny pink shoes…

I got new shoes!

New running shoes to be exact… 

My old ones took me through a lot of walking and a lot of dancing and a bit of running and seem to have quite unexpectedly worn out.

Look there they are pretty and pink… apart from the colour they are exactly the same as my old ones because they are excellent and comfortable and apparently don’t hurt my feet or legs at the moment which I consider a great advantage!

So new shoes in hand… well new shoes on foot actually… what else could I do but take them out for a run. 😁

It was not a bad run, i wasn’t expecting much and had to talk my self into going out because I had tired legs… but it turned out to be not bad 🙂 

It wasn’t too hot for the first time in a long time and I love love my new shoes! I hadn’t realised how flat my old ones had become!

I have switched running apps too back to one I used a while ago, I like its intervals, it combines longer runs in too which is going to be necessary…

Still quite short today though 🙂 but I am slowly getting better… I think… 

And that was Day 18… I feel this post may be a little rambling…but just remember shiny new purple shoes!! Yeay!!

Day 18 done 🙂

2 thoughts on “Reboot day 18: Shiny pink shoes…

  1. You may already know this but worn out has a different definition for running shoes! The support gets pounded out of them long before they look worn. I swapped to a new but otherwise identical pair last year when the tread went and felt an instant difference and absence of pain that had developed so gradually I hadn’t noticed.
    After some research I now log milage and replace at 500 miles.

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    1. Yes!! It is unbelievable how different they feel!!
      I do know in theory that this is the case but I never remember to change them until the tread has gone :/
      I log my miles per shoe on Strava but I always get through them quicker because I am quite heavy on my feet


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