Reboot day 19: I remembered that I love squats 

This was yesterday’s work out fun 🙂 I ran out of time to post so I am doing it now. 

It was Friday morning gym day with my lovely friend Sarah 🙂 We are not the best morning people in the world and we sometimes forget that we are both fitness professionals who know what we are doing and wander about the gym looking vague… 

Yesterday wasn’t too vague, we did a little bit of standing around going “um” but pretty soon settled on some more supersets. The first one involved the pushy pulley thing (because we love it and it is an awesome practically full body exercise) and heavy squats.  

For the squats I did 4 sets of 6 getting progressively heavier from 40kg to 60kg 🙂 during this I remembered that I love squats and it has been too long since I did some good heavy squats! The pushy pulley thing in betweenwas 50kg which is ok for the pushing but much harder for pulling back on the rope!! 

We followed this with another super set of hack squats (70kg) and leg press (150kg) for two sets of 10 😀 

It was a pretty good work out for a day that started out a little vague (on my part at least) 

So with some squats type fun day 19 done 🙂 

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