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Reboot day 21: the path well trodden…

Very well trodden… you know what I am going to say…

Yes, that’s right, you guessed…I went for a run on the downs link path. Yes, the same downs link path that I have walked, run and generally perambulated repeatedly over the last 4 years.

So, I did the next day in my new running training app, this one has longer runs in general, with more intervals rather than longer intervals in a short s suits me as I am aiming at a long distance event and I am quite prepared to do it in intervals 🙂

So I ended up going 3km which is 1km longer than Thursday 😁 this is definitely progress…slow slow progress but progress nevertheless! 

I look a lot happier and less hot and bothered than I felt! It was extremely sticky outside today! 

Day 21 done 😁


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