Reboot day 23: PT Tuesday is a thing…

Well its a thing in my world… I may have mentioned that last week…but never mind 🙂

So true to form and as I wasn't lying in the previous sentences…I had an awesome PT session this morning with Matt.

It was a ridiculously humid and warm morning today, but luckily I was more a wake and with it than last week… If I wasn't I am pretty certain I would have ended up hitting myself with a kettlebell…

As you may have gathered it was a kettlebell based workout… it was another one of those increasing circuit thingys that we did the other week only with kettlebells and a slam ball… the new and interesting thing I got to do this time was banded kettlebell swings… which is just like an normal kettlebell swing but you attach the kettlebell to your feet with a big elastic band…

It is fun…honest… and makes sure you definitely get the hip thrust right or you can't do anything!!

As well as this I did kb deadlifts, swing clean and presses and 12kg slams with a giant wobbly slam ball!!

Undoubtedly superhero training right there 😁😁

I wasn't really quite as manic as my grin looks…honest 😁

Day 23 done

2 thoughts on “Reboot day 23: PT Tuesday is a thing…

  1. There’s my little warrior goddess! Those kettle bells look like they could be used as weapons… against the trouserless enemies of Cambridge!! (Sorry, it’s early and I’ve only had one cup of tea…)

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