Reboot day 23: PT Tuesday is a thing…

Well its a thing in my world… I may have mentioned that last week…but never mind 🙂

So true to form and as I wasn't lying in the previous sentences…I had an awesome PT session this morning with Matt.

It was a ridiculously humid and warm morning today, but luckily I was more a wake and with it than last week… If I wasn't I am pretty certain I would have ended up hitting myself with a kettlebell…

As you may have gathered it was a kettlebell based workout… it was another one of those increasing circuit thingys that we did the other week only with kettlebells and a slam ball… the new and interesting thing I got to do this time was banded kettlebell swings… which is just like an normal kettlebell swing but you attach the kettlebell to your feet with a big elastic band…

It is fun…honest… and makes sure you definitely get the hip thrust right or you can't do anything!!

As well as this I did kb deadlifts, swing clean and presses and 12kg slams with a giant wobbly slam ball!!

Undoubtedly superhero training right there 😁😁

I wasn't really quite as manic as my grin looks…honest 😁

Day 23 done

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