Reboot day 31: yet more yoga and an appropriate t-shirt

Or it could be an inappropriate t-shirt…depending on  your point of view… but I like it anyway 😀

I know I am doing a lot of yoga at the moment…I promise I will do something else soon…It was mostly brought on by the fact that I have been away but also I am enjoying it! SO much so that I am considering doing the 30 days of yoga thing again!

Not instead of other the things, as well as them…after all yoga compliments running and lifting and provides a bit of balance…

Sometimes literally!

SO, with that in mind, yesterday, after a longer than expected journey back from Birmingham, I decided to do the first day of Yoga Camp. Yoga Camp is one of the 30 day yoga programs that Adriene runs on the Yoga with Adriene website. It is from a couple of years ago but it is all on you tube so it is easy to get hold of.

The first day was called Acceptance. it is about accepting yourself where you are at the moment. This is an excellent concept for me right now. You know I have been struggling this year with a bit of lack of focus which has lead to me eating more than I should and a pretty variable attitude towards myself. Well a huge part of moving forward is accepting where I am right now. No amount of going over what I should and shouldn't have done over the last few months is going to change anything. The only way to change is to move forwards. I started this process with my reboot of the 365, but I haven't really forgiven myself for letting things slide a bit. I need to accept and acknowledge that I am still capable and strong and I haven't lost anything I can't get back. I have not even really lost anything, just taken my eyes of it for a second.


So with a lot of yoga and an awesome t shirt…

Day 31 done 🙂

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