Reboot day 32: still Yoga…and Yoga is still hard!!

Day 32 was yesterday (Thursday) and I know I promised you a non Yoga post soon…one is coming…I promise… just not quite yet…

Thursday was tricky…they tend to be to be honest…so due to Thursday and general disorganisation I managed to leave exercise until 10:30pm…
This is why I did yoga again… and why I skipped to day 3 of yoga camp… day 2 is quite long… not the day I mean… the video for day 2….

Anyway I did more yoga… and it was hard!! Partly because I was tired but mainly because yoga is hard!! I might be getting slightly better though… I can sit cross legged now without too much complaining…

Today's edition was about embracing…embracing where I am and the journey I am going on 🙂 I embrace the fact that I can't change the past and all I can do is move forward with this whole superpower quest…
After all you don't see superheroes moping about wishing they hadn't eaten so much pizza and had done a bit more cardio…

I am also embracing my cartoon leggings and my Grrrl Clothing Namaste Bitchesssss t shirt 😁

And with that repeat shameless selfie… day 32 is done 🙂

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