Reboot day 34: Secret Nuclear Bunker…

Secret nuclear bunkers don't really count as exercise…but the do have walking around and they are very interesting…so I am telling you about it 🙂

secret nuclear bunker

In Essex, quite near the outskirts of London, there is a "Secret Nuclear Bunker" I put it in quotes because it is demonstrably not secret…after all we drove straight to it and there are a number of famous roadsigns pointing the way to the secret nuclear bunker… They could have been an elaborate hoax designed to send the enemy straight into a trap…but it turns out they aren't. They take you directly to the bunker…well directly to the road just outside the bunker 😀

These bunkers were designed and built in the 50s just after the Russians had a successful nuclear weapons trial. The whole thing from land requisition to fully operational underground nuclear bunker  took 7 months. This makes you wonder why hoses take so long to build and why the government takes so long to do anything…but that's a different matter!

So this bunker, built in the 50s to be a rotor station then converted to be a regional governmental headquarters for times of nuclear threat, is well worth a visit. It is quite in insight into how the country would work in the event of nuclear war if you want more info on this place have a look at the website 🙂 It is not a flashy commercialised place, and some aspects of it could do with a little bit of an overhaul, but it is fascinating, and a little chilling! I did quite a bit of walking about and I took some pictures…

So, as interesting as that was, it didn't really count as the days exercise. As I (again) left it late, I did a bedtime yoga sequence. Funnily enough, I am really startign to enjoy this yoga!! I am not sure if I am improving in any real sense but I am getting more comfortable doing it 😀

Yoga is beginning to be a thing that I do because I like it and I feel the benefits rather than because it is a stop gap or a thing I do in place of other things…

This is true, even though I always seem to do it late at night…

So in a secret underground way, day 34 is done


17 thoughts on “Reboot day 34: Secret Nuclear Bunker…

  1. I love that the secret bunker has lots of big signs not only pointing out its location but also that it is secret. Yes, we can definitely run our government from here and at the same time keep out all those pesky Oxfordians 🙂 The photos are absolutely beautiful, very cinematic and atmospheric. Good to hear the yoga is coming along, I occasionally dip in and out of pilates. I’m not stretchy enough for yoga but it looks like an absolutely lovely thing 🙂

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    1. I do like the signs 😀 it is good to make sure that everyone knows that not only is it a nuclear bunker, but it is a secret one…

      I am glad you like the photos…I did my normal trick of photographing details and forgetting the overall pictures…

      We will have the best governmental headquarters ever!! you can hire it for filming… we could actually use it…except it is probably expensive…

      I love pilates, I like it better than yoga really, I just need to get myself back to a class! I am not stretchy enough for yoga either…I think it improves with doing yoga…

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      1. The details are the best bits! I like how you capture the interesting things and in such a gorgeous way. Yet another of your many talents!
        It would be a good place to film, I’ll look into it. We could just hire a little bit of it and all squeeze in. Our government is mainly hats, anyway.
        Yes, that makes sense that doing more yoga would make one more bendy and stretchy. I think because I am so little there’s not enough of me to bend. Today I will practice bending 😀

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      2. I love the details 😀 you cam make even the most boring seeming things interesting if you present the details right… well…in photographs anyway…possibly not in meetings…
        I am pretty sure our government and all of its hats would get quite lost in the bunker…we’d have to have some extras…with trousers… we don’t want to have to shoot the extras!

        I sometimes thing the same about having short limbs… there doesn’t seem to be enough of them to bend in the same way as the you tube lady with her long legs… but I think that is why we have to practice…

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      3. Very little about meetings is interesting, unless it’s a meeting about gin or Bernards. Our government will be having lots of meetings about gin and Bernards as they are the most important things in the country right now. My mum will develop a robust trouser policy which will ensure bunker etiquette is maintained at all times and the wombles will handle the rest!
        Having long limbs is definitely better for bending. Us short limbed persons are quite clearly built for bouncing, as demonstrated by our friends the Gummi Bears.

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      4. Gin and Bernards are very definitely the most important thing in the country, once they are sorted everything else will fall into place…
        Once we have had all the meetings about gin and Bernards, we can have meetings with gin and Bernards…with will be even better!!
        I have absolute faith in your Mum’s trouser policy, this is the sort of thing Mums are extremely good at! I feel the Wombles will be in their element, not only in their governmental roles but in the bunker…they like to be underground as well as overground after all!

        Oh yes…short limbs are excellent for bouncing!! The Gummi bears were all short, with short limbs if i remember rightly…that must be why they bounced so well!

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      5. Wombles also have short limbs and are highly adaptable so it is probably a feature of evolution that all the best things are born stumpy and bouncy. When full of gin and Bernards it helps to bounce well!
        Also the new national anthem is now the wombles theme tune 🙂

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      6. I am pretty sure that we are the next step in human (and womble) evolution, after all what better for post whatever happens next survival than short bouncy creatures with advanced adaptation skills!!
        ooh that is a fine choice for a national anthem!! 😀

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