Reboot Day 35: Dancing in a mask

After all, dancing in a mask is what this project is all about…

That and becoming a superhero or warrior goddess…or possibly a warrior goddess superhero who also dances in a mask…

Anyway…On Sunday, I hotfooted it down to Eastbourne (hotfooted in a car but shhh) to take part in the Eastbourne Lammas Festival run by Hunters Moon Morris. There was a lot of dancing, done by Hunters Moon, us (Mythago) and Black Swan Morris, and I do mean a lot of dancing, as Black Swan Morris were short of people so a couple of Mythagos up for a challenge joined in a dance they had never done before O_O one of those was me…it went better than I expected 😀

During this day of many many dancings I did an unusual thing and hended my phone to an innocent bystander so he could take photos of the dancing…and actually of me dancing…

(its ok…I am not totally crazy…I did know this person before I handed my phone over…)

Look actual pictures of me actually dancing!! A big thank you to My David Poole for taking those photos…

And just in case you were feeling nostalgic for picture of my feet and selfies with me and Debbie in them…

All in all it was a pretty awesome day, and I felt better dancing than I have in a long time. I did 15 dances in all and was much more springy (well springish) than I have been in recent times! I guess this renewed enthusiasm for training and addition of cardio into the mix is starting to pay off 🙂

Day 35 done 😀

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