Reboot Day 36: Blue Monday

Well…it wasn’t that blue really…but we haven’t had a song reference for a while… so there it is…

It guess it wasn’t blue…but it was closer to blue than wanting to shoooooooot the whole day down…


Anyway… Monday was not so much blue, as tired… I ventured away form my office during my lunchbreak and went on a walk around the local area. It was a lovely sunny day and you know me, I love to get away form my desk as often as possible…which is not all that often really…there is a lot of sitting involved in technical authoring…

It wasn’t a long walk or a fast one but I went out and walked around for about 35 mins πŸ˜€

There I am all walking about and suchlike…

When it came to the evening, I decided to go for a run after training my PT person. I got changed all ready to run, I went to the place I was going to run…I got out of the car and switched on my music…I did not run! I was, for some reason super tired so I decided to go home and rest and yes…you guessed it…do yoga. As I said before I am actually starting to really enjoy this yoga business…

(not an actual business…I don’t have a yoga business…)

I chose yoga for mood swings because we all have mood swings sometimes, and I was in a strange mood, not least because I was cross with myself for not running!!

I was ok again by the end of the video though πŸ™‚

Day 36 Done

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