Reboot day 48: the one where I was a witch…

Saturday 12th August was the Okewood, Ockley and Forset Hill, Summer Fair and Dog Show.

Sounds posh doesn’t it?

Well it sort of is, it is in a very well to do area of Surrey, with lots and lots of fancy dogs… not the sort of place you would imagine would want a bunch of rowdy border morris dancers making noise and dancing around…

However, we have danced there for the last 3 years and it is a fun dance out 😀 They keep asking us back and paying us money so they must like us 😀

We always do three stands, one of which we use to do one of our story dance sets. This time we told the story of the Rollright Stones in Oxfordshire, the legend is they are a king and his men who were turned to stone by a witch who was double crossed by the king.

As I said, in this I played the witch…which is a lot of fun…and I get a special costume 😀 with a hat 😀 😀

We also did two other stands of dances and we were pretty short of dancers that day so I got to do about 15 or 16 dances… which is awesome!!

It was also hard work as we were dancing on grass…which had been pretty well rained on in the preceding days and was therefore quite…well not soft exactly but not hard…just the right consistency to sap all the energy from your legs.

Still…the show must go on…as they say 😀

With lots of dancing and some witching around, day 48 complete 😀

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