Reboot day 55 to 56: a weekend…

Day 55: Saturday… the day I did more yoga

This time it was yoga for hamstrings…

Because hamstrings are important and have a tendency to tighten up when running. It is a good sequence ( I think that is what they are called in yoga…sequences…) I will definitely return to it 🙂

Day 55 done

Day 56: Sunday…riding a bike is harder than you think…

On Sunday we decided to explore a different part of the downs link, the part which starts at Shoreham and goes to Bramber… It turns out that if you stop at the edge of a path, tip over slightly, almost fall in a patch of nettles because there is a hidden hole at the edge of the path and then have difficulty getting going again because there is a hole and you can’t put your foot down, you get heckled by people on mobility scooters. There were several of them and they asked me if I was just learning to ride a bike. They were quite nice about it mind you…it wasn’t offensive heckling.

As it turns out, Sunday was one of those days where I forget a lot of things I used to know about riding bikes anyway, like how to turn corners and how to stop properly and how to ride down slopes. All of these things caused me to squawk, but not (thankfully) come to any actual harm.

I also learned that you are supposed to have bendy elbows when you ride bikes and not steer with your shoulders with your arms locked… Every one else it would seem already knows this, it appears to be some sort of instinct in other people. Apparently when you do this you can steer with just your arms and don’t have to move your shoulders at all. Apparently this means you don’t have to put your body off balance to turn a corner… I am pretty sure I have been getting this wrong for my whole life.


It was a good fun ride even if I did have to try to adapt to a new way of riding which made things easier until I started over thinking it and nearly fell over…

6 thoughts on “Reboot day 55 to 56: a weekend…

  1. Well I never knew that about riding a bike! True, it’s been a while since I’ve been on one but thank to you I now have added confidence, should a two-wheeled situation arise. I’ll probably be straight in the nettles, mind, and then those scooter people would have a proper heckle. This sounds like a lot of fun!

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    1. I didn’t know either! I just straightened my arms out because I think that is always how I have ridden a bike… It might explain why I am not that stable and can’t turn sharp corners…
      The scooter people would have a field day if we both went out… I am pretty sure they thought I hadn’t been on a bike before!!

      It was definitely fun 😀

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