Day 58: You can’t have too much hip flexibility for running…

The title is a quote from my awesome running friend Susie, (I have told you about her here)

Wit a couple of exceptions, which would probably lead to bigger problems than just running, she is right. However, I don’t have any…well…I have some, I can move my legs and sit down and stand up and stuff. But I do, it turns out have stiff hips, and stiff ankles and some other stuff which I will get to shortly…

I know known these things for a while, in a vague way, but yesterday as part of my PT sessio I aske Matt if we could do a running assessment so that I could attempt to fix problems before running the half marathon. My hips have been hurting a bit the day after runnign and I was interested to know if there was anything he could see that might be causing it. He is well placed to be able to figure it out as he is a personal trainer and sports therapist and has a degree in the subject…

So I had to run on a treadmill…

It was terrifying!!

But not for too long which was ok… and I learned a few things…

I have stiff hips and ankles, I have feet which externally rotate (especially the right which explains a lot) I don’t pick my feet up enough and sort of shuffle along…

Matt gave me some mobility exercises to do with a resistance band and lots of stretches and foam rolling instructions 😊

Me after the session…extremely relieved to have survived running on a treadmill!

When lunchtime came around I decided to attempt to put some of these things into practice..:I concentrated on keeping me feet pointing in the right direction and lifting them up..:it was hard work and I forgot to keep doing it once I got tired…however it will all work out eventually 😊

Day 58 done 🙂

By Sam Catchpole

She/They | Aspiring Strongperson, Photographer, Artist, Writer,


  1. My boyfriend always comments that I tend to hobble after my long runs (which I do on weekends – and that’s when I see him!) and I do. My hip flexors are the weak spot, but I’ve been more faithful with my foam roller. Sunday was my long run, and Sunday night I got that thing out and spent some quality time with it… boy does it hurt, but I’m discovering, it is helping my recovery! Good luck on your changes!

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