Reboot days 59 – 65: a pictorial journey through the last week…

Day 59: Wednesday…Gym and tatters…

As is customary for a Wednesday now, the gym was at the unnatural hour of 6:30! A time when we can, to be honest, barely remember what exercise is let alone how to do any… however, we managed a mainly upper body session of bench press, rows, shoulder press, chest flys and inclined bench press πŸ™‚

Evening was dancing… lots of dancing…so much that I forgot to take pictures so here is a sneak preview of the kit my friend Debbie and I have been making for our new story πŸ™‚

Day 60 Thursday… run for cake..

Run for cake, run as fast as you can!

Or something…

Anyway… Thursday was running πŸ™‚ with the lovely Susie who makes me work hard! This time however, there was cake at the end of the run 😁😁

Susie would like me to point out that her cake was not really as big as her head…

iday – Guess what…I went to the gym

At 7am, with Sarah, because that is what I do, despite the fact that I was not at work on Friday…

Fridays session was mainly taken up with a deadlift / squat superset, and followed up with a quad extension / DB straightleg deadlift superset…leg fun πŸ˜€

I totally forgot to take any pictures…so here are a couple from the rest of the day πŸ™‚

Day 62 & 63: Saturday and Sunday – Yoga weekend

Well not the whole weekend…but a portion of each day was dedicated to yoga πŸ˜€ because balance is good!

Day 64: Monday – the hottest UK August bank holiday monday ever.

Not that we knew that when we decided to go and investigate some hills and a forest!!

Needless to say we were somewhat warm by the end of it!! It was good to explore though and there is a lot more left there to investigate in future on bikes and feet!!

We went over th the Hurtwood whish is a huge conglmeration of privately owned forest and land in the surrey hills which the local landowners have allowed the public free access to. It is pretty awesome and maintained by the Friends of the Hurtwood πŸ˜€

Day 65: Tuesday – Hamstring and Hip flexor torture…

No…hang on, not torture, strengthening, that is what it was, strengthening…

I had to do strange strange things with resistance bands including:

Bridge with my feet on a bosu and a resistace band around both feet then I had to pull one leg at a time backwards against the resistance…

Side steps with resistance bands around my feet

Laying down with a resistance band around one foot anchored to a thing and bend and straighten my leg against the resistance.

Giant ball hamstring curls… these ones had no resistance bands.

Then to finish off just in case my legs were no already shaky… I had to do rowing sprints…also with no resistance bands!

this is an approximation of what I did…

2 thoughts on “Reboot days 59 – 65: a pictorial journey through the last week…

  1. I have lived near the Surrey Hills for all but one of the last 25 years and never visited Hurtwood. Looks good. I will have to rectify this, but maybe on a cooler day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is really worth a visit πŸ™‚
      We parked in the pitch hill car park but there are lots all over it all numbered πŸ™‚ it was really hot on Monday but a lovely place to walk or run or bike πŸ™‚


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