Reboot day 66: One New Paddington

paddington hat.gif

110kg Rack pull!!

110kg Rack pull!!

That is 110kg…in case you didn’t get it the first time. 110kg is 243lbs in case you are unfamiliar with the metric system…

rack pull
rack pull…

This is a rack pull…it is like a deadlift but only the top half… When I did it I set the bar up so it was at about knee level, then I wanted to try from lower so I stood on a weight plate because I couldn’t be bothered to take 110kg off the bar and move the rack down…

Anyway…I did 110kg rack pulls…and I did them last 😀

The rest of the workout was also awesome… Sarah and I started off at 6:30 am, and once we had remembered how to use out brains and do stuff we started with deadlift benchpress superset…which is wierd but it worked… 80kg deadlifts 4 x 5 and 40 kg bench press 4 x 5 we then moved on to quad and lower back isolation supersets. Then Sarah went home and I did rack pulls because I wanted to see what I could do. I feel a 1RM deadlift test coming on!!

I was even super good after all that and did my hip and ankle mobility exercises!! Cant tell if these are making a difference yet…but I have only done them three times so I suppose I should be patient…

Later the same day…

There was dancing… obviously there was dancing…it was Wednesday 😀 Lots and lots of lovely unphotographed dancing.  We practiced new things for our new story and I generally forgot what I was doing because my new kit was odd and the mask kept slipping down. I will rectify this before its first dance out…

Here is a nother Paddington because I am excited about my PB!!


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