Reboot day 69: Walk a mile in my shoes

Well not so much a mile, more, well …you’ll see 🙂

It was Saturday, I had tried to run but really wasn’t in the right frame of mind… I was struggling to know what exercise to do…

It shouldn’t really be that hard but some days you just don’t have a decision making capability…

faith good ideaAnyway, I came up with an idea, it was part intrigue, and part laziness. Not physical laziness, but mental laziness. I was an idea that seemed like a good one when I had it…and I decided that if nothing else it would lead to a good blog post 🙂

The things I do for you guys!!

I decide to do one of the workouts I planned for my best client. I chose the most recent one from this Friday, I got my stuff and I set myself up in the kitchen. It had to be the kitchen because I needed a smooth floor…

First was tabata, I have random exercises on cards, I picked out 2 from the cardio labelled exercises and alternated them for 4 mins of 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. Then I did it again with another two randomly picked cards.

I did Med ball power knees because it seemed like a good fit, and look, voluntary fancy burpees!!

After this I did the resistance band section, these were the small resistance bands which I have previously talked about going round knees for such things as squats… These exercises are all a lot more difficult than they look… this is a thing I know about resistance bands. I even did the required 15 reps…15 reps is not my favourite amount of reps…but I did it because they were the rules…do the exercises as written…

Following this was the turn of the fluffy cloth workout… sounds nice and easy and happy doesn’t it… well really not so much…

there are commercially available workout thingies that take the form of sliders that you put your feet or hands on and move them about in different ways… they are expensive and can be simulated with a smooth floor and some microfibre cloths…

So that is what I did.

These exercises are excellent because you have to use your core and stabiliser muscles as well as the muscles being worked just to keep from over sliding and falling down…

Excellent and evil!!

My client actually banned me from ever bringing these back a while ago (yes she can do that) but relented last week and so I decided this workout that I also did… it was HARD!

Good hard but hard!!!

I can sort of see why she banned them to be honest but hey are so effective I think I will use them again!

The last thing I did was some core exercises using the little Pilates ball 🙂 I remember these being easier (not easy but easier) when I used to go to Pilates!!

What have I learned from this experience?

Well a couple of things actually…

  1. I am not an easy trainer
  2. My client is a lot fitter than she thinks she is (she made this look easier than I felt it was)
  3. If I want to get myself back to full fitness and drop some fat (which I do explain-y post to follow) I should write myself workouts and get my arse into gear and do them!!!

So that is what I am going to do… I am going to treat myself as I would my own client and make no more excuses!!

10 thoughts on “Reboot day 69: Walk a mile in my shoes

  1. Power knees! Why do power knees sound so good? They sound like something a Transformer might have or something. Those two words together make me ridiculously happy. But anyway. The slidey cloth exercises sound good, I might try in my kitchen. Mind you, I think I will just be skating around my kitchen on dusters, is that alright? The super hero leggings are inspiring me to do something super hero-y 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Power knees sound a LOT better when you put it like that!! I want some now! Like mechanical knees with rockets in or something like that!
      The slidey cloth exercises are good! And quite a lot of it is akin to skating around your kitchen floor on cloths… 😀 that is absolutely the best part!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah! Exactly what I was thinking – knees that fire rockets and are made of titanium or something! Don’t mess with my power knees, people! If only they were real…
        Well, I have dusters, I have a kitchen floor, this looks like a workout I could get into! Also, it cleans the floor at the same time. You are a genius workout lady 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. If only I worked in an office full of engineers who could invent them for me…
        hang on…
        I’ll get one of the industrial placement students on to it, they’ll never know it was unofficial 😀

        It is an excellent work out and the kitchen floor cleaning is a very useful side effect! I feel quite inspired to do some myself later…after dancing…
        although I might not feel the same after dancing…

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Oooh yes please do get them to invent power knees, I feel that we cannot live without them now.
        I could skate around your kitchen while you go dancing, therefore I get a workout, you get some dancing and also a nice clean floor!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. That would be excellent!! It would enhance our lives no-end… I think we could adapt it so that we can have power elbows too 😀

        That seems like a good plan…except that, if you came to workout / skate around in my kitchen I suspect it would be more fun if we both did it…
        Ot maybe you could come and skate around at dancing…there is a wooden floor there too

        Liked by 1 person

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