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Day 78: A non-day

Day 78 was the day that the psycho in my head won.

It was the day I spent crying because a person said a thing that my brain interpreted completely wrongly and wouldn’t let go.

It was the day that made me think about stuff and inspired this post:

There will be flamethrowers!

I didn’t do any exercise barring walking around work. I should have done. I didn’t.

I can’t see it as a failure as it has made me decide to take control of my brain. However It doesn’t fit in to the 365 days of exercise so I will add another one on at the end to make up for it.

one day



  1. I’m so sorry I’m just now seeing the Flamethrower post. Sitting on the train and crying as I read it. Wish I could hug you …for your bravery. Many people f us struggle with the monster, few of us have the courage to share that struggle with the world. You are awesome. That is all. xoxo

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  2. As Lucy says, a blip. Reminds me of when I gave up smoking – the important thing to remember is that even if you succumb and have a cigarette, you haven’t started smoking again, you are still a non-smoker who has had a cigarette. Sorry if that’s a bit convoluted, but I know what I mean!

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  3. I don’t know if I would have added another day – because to me, mental health is just as important as physical health – and a mental health day would have counted as far as I was concerned! BUT, I can see your point in adding the day so that you feel like you meet your goal! (personally, I’m still glad that you took a day for your mental health!)

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