Reboot days 76-77: A weekend of wondrous events…

Well, possibly not actually wondrous… but fun and I liked the alliteration!

Day 76: Saturday and advanture in a discovery

Or to put it another way, we went to busfest in Malvern for the day but didn’t take the van because we wanted to get there quicker…

Busfest is one of the biggest (the biggest?) VW campervan show in the country (world?). There are (obviously) lots of vans there, and lots of stalls selling stuff to put in vans, and on vans, and fix vans and make them shiny or not shiny or taller or shorter or into campers if they aren’t already…

It is quite exiting… in a van-y kind of way!

It involved a very early start and a lot of walking 😀 so that counts as activity in my book!

now here are some van pics 😀

Day 77: Sunday…Mad Jacks Day of Dance.

Can you tell from the title, that there was dancing?

Well there was dancing…it was excellent, a genuinely fun day of dancing and walking about and talking to friends!  We were invited by Mad Jacks Morris to celebrate their 40th birthday. So we went along and danced with some other pretty damn good morris sides. Mostly cotswold and completely different to us, but it is good to see cotswold done well 😀

I did quite a few dances, it wasn’t a super full dance heavy day but that meant we could put more oomph and enthusiasm into the dances we did. It is good when it is like that, when every dance we do is all oomphy and not draggy because it is the end of the day!!

What with the dancing and the walking about up and down hills (Rye is quite hilly…I didn’t know this) I definietly got a lot of activity in 😀

Here are some dances…us and not us…

Days 76 & 77 done 😀

7 thoughts on “Reboot days 76-77: A weekend of wondrous events…

    1. I think I know of the Invicta side.
      You probably do recognise some of them in that case, it is a similar area of the country and we travel about.
      I am in Mythago (the ones in black), in case that wasn’t clear 🙂
      I liked Rye, I might go back for a non-dancing visit 🙂

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