Reboot Day 78: 78 Take two…carry on regardless!

oooh! oooh! I can have another 90s song reference here!!

On tuesday I went for a run.

I didn’t really want to but I went anyway because I don’t hate it and often actually like it once I get going šŸ™‚

Also I have a half marathon to train for so shirking is not an option…

I like the word shirking…I should use it more often! Although I shouldn’t use that as a reason to actually shirk…

Anyway…I didn’t feel like running…or doing anything I was still in an anxiety headspace (is a headspace a thing? i mean a thing that isn’t just a place to put your head?) but I convinced myself to go by tricking myself.

I told myself that I only needed to do 2 km… or I could turn it into a walk.

However I ended up doing 4 km because I felt better when I was out there and I needed to šŸ˜€

So that is what I call a success šŸ˜€

Day 78 Done šŸ˜€

4 thoughts on “Reboot Day 78: 78 Take two…carry on regardless!

  1. Great run! This morning I did the last 5 miles (Google says that is 8k) of my half marathon training plan!! Whoohoo! So, now that I know I can do it – I feel better! The race is 8 weeks away – I started training early, cause honestly, I wasn’t sure I could do it! Now, I know I can, so I’m taking this weekend 100% off – and then I’ll start up again and repeat the last couple of training weeks to help build my endurance! Congrats on getting out there when you didn’t really want to! And then killing it!


    1. thank you šŸ™‚ I am starting to actually like this running business again!
      Well done on your last 5 miles šŸ™‚ I think starting early is an excellent idea…I hope I have started early enough šŸ™‚

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