Day 84: Good save monday

Monday was looking like it was going to be a write off…

I tried to get up and either run or gym before work but I wasn’t meeting anyone to do either of these things so I stayed asleep… you all know full well I am not a morning bear really!


later that day…

It was after work, I was supposed to be going for a run… I procrastinated so much that it because too dark and too late to run. So I arrived back home cross and trying to figure out what to do…

I decided to do HIIT training so I investigated the Popsugar fitness app I have on my phone. I found a 10 min HIIT workout video and a 10 min core for runners workout so I did those and followed them both up with some slidy exercises on my makeshift slider thingies (microfiber dusters). I did all of this while my chicken was cooking for my dinner.

Somehow I managed to salvage the day, and change it from being an annoying nothingy day to a quite productive cardio-y day 😀

It wasn’t the hardest routine in the world, but it was good, and it made me work and above all else it cheered me up and allowed me to end the day on a positive note rather than a negative one 😀

2 thoughts on “Day 84: Good save monday

    1. It is always good to have something like this to fall back on… and it is amazing how much better you feel afterwards!
      Weirdly I have the fitness blender app too and that is the one I meant to use… I’ll have to try it out next time 😁

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