Reboot days 86 – 88: End of the week adventures in dancing and running and lifting things up! I

Day 86: Wednesday

Wednesday, by all accounts followed a similar pattern to a lot of Wednesdays…

It started with a gym session and ended with lots of dancing 😀

In between these (apart form work…) there was a walk around during which I saw some squirrels and got run at by a dog…because the dog doesn’t like hats…

People who own dogs, if you own a dog who will run at and bark aggressively (and who knows what else) at people because they happen to be wearing a hat, it is your responsibility to train your dog, not mine to remove my hat just in case.

Anyway, morning gymming… wednesdays are the early early start, so we one of our fall back options, pushy-pully thing supersetted with deadlifts 😀 and incline bench press supersetted with rows 🙂 followed by a quick set of leg extensions 😀

Walking, apart from the dog incident was quite pleasant 😀 It is always good to get out of the office and walk around in the fresh air!

And then of course there was dancing 😁

Lots and lots of lovely dancing! Durning which I was too busy actually dancing to remember to take photos 🙂

Day 87: Thursday

This day was the day I had a giant row with my brain! I didn’t want to run but I had to run. I didn’t want to run but I couldn’t justify not running… also I had told people I was going for a run and couldn’t face saying I hadn’t gone… again!!

So after 45 mins procrastination and deliberation I actually got out for a run! It was dark and I was slower than a really slow thing on a slow day but I went and that is more of a win than just being good at it!! (I am telling myself that anyway)

Day 88: Friday 😊

Friday was fun, I went to the gym and did some lifting of heavy things! One of the heavy things I lifted was me… with a bit of help from a giant elastic band…

yes…that’s right assisted pull ups… woohoo (ish)

See that giant elastic band…that is what helped me do pull ups… I guess it takes out about half if not more of my bodyweight…

but it is smaller than the elastic band I used last time…so yeay!!

The rest of the session was OH pressed leg presses and back squats 😁

By Sam Catchpole

She/They | Aspiring Strongperson, Photographer, Artist, Writer,


  1. There is never any justification for removing a hat! Certainly not a yappy dog. I am furious at this news. I bet the squirrels were not best pleased, either. Oooh another big elastic band, I like these. At least this one wasn’t around your knees, that looked awkward. Question – to leg extensions make your legs longer? Because I would like that 🙂


    1. Exactly!! You can’t just expect people to remove their hats all willy nilly because your dog is a diva!!
      Sadly leg extensions don’t seem to make your legs longer… although they should and are badly named!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I am looking into carrying mace/pepper spray when I run. Not for scary people, but for their dogs. I don’t understand owners who just let them hang out without a leash. “Oh, he wouldn’t harm a fly!” No, he wouldn’t, until I go running by because dogs are freaking territorial and don’t like things in their space! I don’t care if it’s a big dog or a small one! And, I no longer stop to let the owner try and catch the little dogs that chase me. I encourage those dogs to follow me so their Owner’s have to work for it!

    Okay, I don’t encourage the dogs to follow me – cause dogs. But I always like the Owners that then have to chase their dogs! And, I don’t care if the dog never gets close to me, or close enough to nip or bite, the fact that your dog just ran at me, or after me, means my heart rate just spiked and that sucks when you are trying to run and keep pace!!!!

    UGH! I have dog issues! LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bahahaha!!! You sound just like me!!! This happens to me all the time, running, walking riding my bike… dogs come leaping at me out of nowhere barking and growling and jumping around!! Then the owners tell me they are just being friendly!! Well that’s as maybe but I don’t want them leaping at me growling however friendly is is supposed to be!!
      On milder occasions they always lick my knees… I don’t want my knees licking!! Or my hands!!
      It is terrifying when it happens on a bike too because if they end up under the wheel and I go flying then I could get damaged, and the dog probably would get damaged and the owner would blame me…

      I have dog issues too…

      Liked by 1 person

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