Reboot Day 89-90: Three runs in one weekend??

Yes, you read that right, 3 runs in 2 days!!

What is going on?

Who am I turning into?

What is going on here…this amount of running does not make sense!!!

Except that it does make sense if you have signed up for a half marathon and are out to prove to the world (yourself) that you can do it in a not super terrible way!

Day 89: Two Run Saturday!

two runs, two new places to run and two times I got completely lost while running!

Well completely lost is a bit of an exaggeration as I managed to find my way back to where I started both times. I just went a completely different way to the other people I was with.

The first run was only little…even by my standards…it was a mile. It was a charity run “organised” by a physiotherapy centre in Godalming called Care for Health. They they wanted 125 runners to run 1 mile each so they could have 125 miles run to celebrate the 125th birthday of the charity. The charity was The Meath, an epilepsy charity. It seemed like a good thing to do and my friend Susie talked me into it… It was a fairly low key event, we arrived signed our lives away (well the rights to our photos anyway… then set off for a run. We were offered a map, but it was laminated and awkward, so we decided we would rely on the signs that there were supposed to be en route…

We saw no signs!

Apparently we missed the first one which made finding the rest of them quite hard! so we followed our noses, well Susie, Graham and Izzy did and I followed them from a distance…until I lost them and then I followed the signs to Godalming station because we had started near there. It worked…I went a mile…it might have been a different mile to everyone else, and I might have arrived back from the opposite direction to everyone else…but It was still a mile!

After this shortconfusing run we decided that as we were out, and had traveled to another county to run, we should go and run more…

So off we went to a place called Newlands corner, which is not really a corner, more the top of a hill. It is a meeting place on the top of the Surrey Hills to be precise.  In case the name didn’t give it away, this run involved hills. The first half was ok…we set off down a hill…then I got lost again. Well sort of.

I quickly lost sight of Susie, Graham and Izzy due to them being better than me. Then as I had no idea of the route we were supposed to be taking I just continued along a likely looking path until it petered out at which point I doubled back and went down a much more steep down hill looking path until I felt like I had gone halfway to far enough. Then I turned around.

the rest was uphill…and slow… mostly because of the uphill and partly because I kept stopping to figure out where I was and to take photos…

Look at that elevation change!! Hills!!

Day 90: Sunday

Sunday was also a run day…

Against all good sense I went out for another run 😉

I sat around and procrastinated all through the lovely sunny bit of the day…when went out as it started to rain…

But I went and I did a longer run than I have been doing. I am aiming to increase my distance every time (unless i go at lunchtime then I only have a short time). I think I am improving…in not very measurable ways…

6 thoughts on “Reboot Day 89-90: Three runs in one weekend??

  1. See, I think you are running twice as far as everyone else because you are getting lost (I prefer to think of it as unplanned exploring) and doubling back! This is very impressive indeed. And the pictures are lovely. Now then – what is the old shoe experiment, may I ask?!

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    1. oh yes…I forgot I called that run “old shoe experiment”
      My current running shoes are too narrow and make my little toes go numb. So I found an old pair which are wider, fit better but are worn out. So I tried them to see if they helped…
      the conclusion was they helped my feet not go numb, but they still felt worn out…

      I liked the unplanned exploring 😀 the run in the hills was exploring and slow because I wanted to look at things 😀 (which is the excuse I am sticking to firmly)

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      1. Oh, the poor little toes! Can’t have them going numb, they are very important. I suppose you must get some new, wider trainers. Or leave the little toes at home when you go running…
        This sounds like a very reasonable excuse and I support you whole-heartedly. Looking at things is a very good thing to do 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. New wider shoeshine hopefully winging their way to me as we speak!
        Hopefully with actual wings…that mushroom help the running!
        I agree looking at things is definitely the thing to do… can’t go running past interesting things without looking! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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